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Rumen Shopov in the U.S.

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  • Suzanne Leonora
    I am very happy to announce the return of Rumen Shopov to the U.S. Rumen is a wonderful tambura player and drummer from the Pirin region of Bulgaria. He has
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2002
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      I am very happy to announce the return of Rumen Shopov to the U.S. Rumen is
      a wonderful tambura player and drummer from the Pirin region of Bulgaria. He
      has permission to visit the U.S. through June 2003, and the permission time
      should be extendable for serious gigs.

      For performance arrangements or lessons with Rumen (tambura, doumbek, tupan,
      band coaching, etc.), please contact me at (510) 547-8345, (510) 459-4249,
      or openvoice@...

      I will post a list of Rumen's fall appearances soon. I encourage you to
      forward this announcement.

      Suzanne Leonora


      RUMEN SHOPOV is a multi-talented musician from Gotse Delchev, Pirin,
      Bulgaria. He sings in three languages and plays Bulgarian tambura and Greek
      bouzouki as well as a number of modern and traditional drums. His styles
      include traditional and modern Bulgarian (especially Bulgarian-Macedonian)
      and Greek musics. In the incredibly rich musical environment that is
      Bulgaria, Rumen Shopov has earned the respect of his very talented peers.

      Rumen Shopov is a dynamic, charismatic performer, galvanizing audiences with
      his driving exposition of exotic and exciting Balkan beats. He has an
      extraordinary connection to his audiences. Rumen�s solid foundation in the
      traditions gives him not only a profound understanding of the nuances of
      Bulgarian music, but also a base from which to embrace other Balkan musics.
      As a teacher, Rumen Shopov is precise, clear, patient, encouraging, and
      inspiring. His students, both beginning and advanced, find themselves making
      solid progress.

      Following a start as a very young professional drummer, Rumen Shopov's
      successful musical career now includes over 20 years as soloist and
      concertmaster with the Nevrokopski Ensemble, whose many recordings feature
      Rumen�s beautiful tambura playing. Rumen has toured internationally and
      recorded with many excellent Bulgarian singers and instrumentalists, notably
      his own groups Shturo Make and Orkestar Orbita, which won a place in the
      last Stambolovo Festival as top young band in Southwest Bulgaria. As a
      specialist in Bulgarian-Macedonian tambura, Rumen has been a favorite
      colleague of such singers as Vaska Ilieva and Nina Chakardzhakova. Rumen has
      brought his innovative drumming to very traditional central Balkan
      zurna-tupan teams and the complexities of modern Bulgarian fusions. His
      singing, full of complicated ornaments, is simply thrilling.

      �Rumen A. Shopov has been a member of the Nevrokopski Ensemble for National
      Songs and Dances (first ensemble in Bulgaria, est. 1946) since 1978...
      �The key to Rumen Shopov�s talent is a combination of brilliant playing
      technique and incredible sensitivity for folk music. His performances convey
      depth, feeling, warmth. From his fingers true magic flows, with its own
      fragrance, the product of his exceptional working demands and nature. With
      his tambura he creates a veritable palette of images, moods, emotions,
      experiences, which are inspired by the wealth of Nevrokop (Gotse Delchev)
      �With the Nevrokopski Ensemble for National Songs and Dances, Rumen Shopov
      has made two LPs, many audio cassettes, and a CD in the Netherlands.
      �He starred with the ensemble in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia,
      Canada, twice in Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, and more.
      �With the passing of the years, the essence of his creative work reaches an
      ever-greater maturity, the basis for his great future in folk music.�
      -- Zapryu Ikonomov, Artistic Director, Nevrokopski Ensemble (tr. S. Leonora)

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