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dancetour to Armenia

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  • Joyce Clyde
    Tineke van Geel is organizing Dance and tourism: a dance tour to Armenia: Some of the details are below or check the website
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2004
      Tineke van Geel <vangeel@...> is organizing Dance and tourism: a dance
      tour to Armenia: Some of the details are below or check the website

      I will conduct a dance tour to Armenia from May 1st-May 12th in 2005.
      Classes in Armenian folk dances (average 3 hours a day) and visits to sites
      that represent a long and cultured history will be combined in this dance
      We will stay in a hotel in the centre of the capital Yerevan in rooms with a
      twin bed, toilet and bath/shower. One night we will move to hotel Harsnaqar
      located on the shore of Lake Sevan, as part of a 2 day excursion.
      � Dance classes will be taught by two renowed teachers: Pajlak Sarkisian, a
      professional teacher and choreographer at the Sayat Nova Conservatory,
      Department of dance and his collegue at the same institute Petros
      � Our excursions will visit some of the country�s famous historical
      landmarks and monuments of the Ancient era and Middle Ages, such as the
      ancient temple of Garni and the impressive monasteries of Hagartsin and
      Geghard. A visit to the religious centre of Armenia, Edsmiadzin will be
      programmed on Sunday.
      A variety of nature such
      as the water resort of Lake Sevan, the forests of Dilijan and Tsaghkadzor,
      and the mountainous region of the Southeast will be included in our tours.
      � A unique excursion will lead us to the village of Zolakar, south of Lake
      Sevan, about 2 hours drive from Yerevan. This village hosts the Kalasyan
      sisters, 3 ladies who are in their eighties and still carry on the dance
      tradition of their ancestors, who arrived in Armenia by the end of the 19th
      century. Accompagnied by live music they will give us a demonstration of
      dance in its purest form. Zolakar also hosts a dance ensemble of younger
      people and they will perform for us after enjoying a typical Armenian lunch,
      prepared by the villagers. We will witness the preparation of
      �lavash�E(Armenian bread), baked the traditional way and visit an old
      house, which gives an excellent impression of village life in past times.
      � Folklore will be the red threat in our tour: we will visit a dance
      school, a rehearsal of a folk band and will get a taste of local food in a
      wide range of restaurants. A guided tour to the museum of Sardarapat will
      present us with a variety of traditional Armenian costumes
      � you will learn about the culture and history of one of the world's oldest
      nations by visiting the Historical Museum in Yerevan and will have free
      time to visit the �Vernissage�E an art market where local artists sell their
      silverware, ceramics, paintings etc.
      Included: flight, hotel (twin room with bad/shower and toilet), all meals,
      transport and excursions, entrance fees and guide, dance classes and music
      CD of the dance program provided by the teachers.
      Not included: visa (upon arrival at Yerevan airport), approximately 30
      dollar. Air tax upon departure (at airport) approximately 20 dollar. Extra
      fee of 6 dollar for single room per night. Videotape of the dances will be
      for sale and can be ordered.

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