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Appeal for donations for Myanmar Cyclone Victims

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  • Kyaw Lwin
    Hi All, Please help to donate for Myanmar Cyclone Victims. FYI
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2008
      Hi All,
      Please help to donate for Myanmar Cyclone Victims.
      An Appeal for Donations
      ***********************************************************************************************************************We, the Myanmar Business Association, registered under the Societies Act and domiciled in
      Singapore, has formed a Committee to appeal for donations to help the people in Myanmar who
      are now in need of food, shelter and medical services due to the recent cyclone disaster.
      We will distribute personally all donations received to the victims in various areas.Donation methods:By Cheque
      Please make your cheque payable to “Myanmar Business Association (Singapore)” and send it to
      The Vice President, Myanmar Business Association, c/o Act Global Pte Ltd (Aung Chan Tha), 111
      North Bridge Road, #03-64 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098. Please state your name and
      address at the back of your cheque.
      By Cash
      Please donate at the following shops in Peninsula Plaza, Singapore between 10:00am and
      9:00pm, Mondays to Sundays.
      (1) Taw Win Co. Ltd (#03-63)– U Myint Soe Thein (HP 91717502)
      (2) Act Global Pte Ltd (Aung Chan Tha) (#03-64) – Dr Thuzar (HP 96217163)
      (3) TYK Enterprise (Golden OK) (#03-42) – U Kyaw Kyaw (HP 90619750)
      (4) Inter Consulting Pte Ltd (#05-39) – Nick (HP 81253555)
      We look forward to your kind and generous donations.
      Thank you.
      Yours sincerely,
      U Myint Soe Thein
      7 May 2008
      Note: The donation will not be tax-exempted.

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