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  • Rameshwar Fugare
    Respected and dear all, Happy New year! Adani Power Ltd (Lohara Opencast Coal Mine Project, Chandrapur of MS) Target capacity 4.00 MTPA of coal Expected mine
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2009
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      Respected and dear all, 


      Happy New year!


      Adani Power Ltd (Lohara Opencast Coal Mine Project, Chandrapur of MS)
      Target capacity  4.00 MTPA of coal
      Expected mine Life 40 years
      Total Over Burden OB.1915 MCM
      Total Extractable coal 140 Mte
      Ultimate Working Depth 350 m
      Manpower1825 out of which 200 are executives
      Capital Project Cost 1200 Crores
      Total Mine area
      Forest Land 1598.71 ha, Govt. land 86.66 ha, Private land 64.63 ha
      Flora & Fauna in the mine area
      Tiger, leopard, Wild Dog, Jungle Cat, Sloth bear, Jackal, palm civet, Ratel, Porcupine, Palm squirrel,  Pangolin,
      Gaur, Sambar, Chital, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Chowsingha, Wild Pig and
      others. 6 tigers in the mining area, as per 2006 census of forest Dept.

      Total 121 bird species are found in this area
      Herpeto fauna.39 species were recorded
      Vegetation. 273 plant species were recorded
      Main problems for wildlife 
      Firewood and timber cutting, fire, Grazing, Human-wildlife conflict. Attack on Humans by carnivores, cattle kill by carnivores
      Direct Impacts due to mine
      Loss of wildlife habitat in the mine site
      Loss of wildlife population due to loss of habitat
      Fragmentation of the habitat
      Disturbance to wildlife due to mining operations
      Loss of grazing grounds and forest resources and so on.
      Change in intensity of human wildlife conflict
      information has given in a presentation by GM of Ms Adani Power ltd in
      meeting held at Nagpur today. Forest Minister of Maharashtra was
      present on this occasion. 

      company destroy prime habitat of tiger and its corridor linking TATR
      and rest of the forests of Chandrapur Dists. After above Presentation
      Company representative assured that they will take all precautions for
      wildlife and forests. A model of best coal mine in India will be
      established! !! 

      Rameshwar Fugare


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