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  • Dr.Syed.S. Ahmed
    May God bless all of you! I had created new group Artiodactyls .The word artiodactyl comes from the Greek language&means even-number finger or
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
      May God bless all of you!

      I had created new group"Artiodactyls".The word artiodactyl comes from
      the Greek language&means"even-number finger or toe."Artiodactyls are
      even-toed ungulates(hoofed mammals).This order of herbivorous mammals
      includes cloven-hoofed animals with two hoofs on each foot(like pigs)
      or four hoofs on each foot(like deer and cows).Many species of wild
      artiodactyls are endangered due to overhunting&poaching for their
      meat,skin&antlers,habitat loss&competition for grazing lands from
      cattle.Sadly hunting licenses are still issued to hunt the endangered
      artiodactyls even in developed countries.In this group you can take
      active participation for the conservation of endangered artiodactyls.


      Dr.Syed Shehzad Ahmed
      MSc.(Enviro Science),MD
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