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HSRA applies for $1.582b in federal funding to help build HSR

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  • 8/6 CA HSRA
    Published Friday, August 6, 2010, by the California High-Speed Rail Authority California Seeks to Bring Additional Federal Funds to State s High-Speed and
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      Published Friday, August 6, 2010, by the California High-Speed Rail Authority

      California Seeks to Bring Additional Federal Funds
      to State's High-Speed and Intercity Rail Systems

      SACRAMENTO -- Today, California formally applied for up to $1.582 billion in additional federal funding to help build a portion for of the state's high-speed rail system.

      The application filed on behalf of the California High-Speed Rail Authority and Caltrans, seeks part of the $2.3 billion the U.S. Department of Transportation has available for high-speed train and intercity rail projects nationwide. For the Authority, the funds would help complete engineering and other work on the project not covered by earlier federal funds. Caltrans is pursuing $582 million for projects designed to connect its existing intercity passenger rail system in California to the future high-speed rail service.

      "We are leaving no federal stone unturned in our effort to bring new dollars to California's high-speed train project," said Authority CEO Roelof van Ark. "We are pleased to be working in cooperation with Caltrans as we make case that the best place for true high-speed rail to start in the United States is here in the Golden State."

      This application seeks to augment funding for one of the sections of the high-speed rail system that are currently eligible for the previously awarded American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding: Merced to Fresno, Fresno to Bakersfield, Los Angeles to Anaheim or San Francisco to San Jose. The Authority submitted four separate applications for this current round of funding -- one for each section -- because it has not yet been determined where that Recovery Act funding will be put to use.

      In January, the four sections of California's high-speed train project won $2.25 billion, the largest share of federal funding set aside for such projects under the Recovery Act.

      The Authority's proposal submitted today seeks:

      * $754.6 million dollars for track and signaling work in the Merced to Fresno section, extending this section up to 20 miles south of the proposed new high-speed rail station in Fresno.

      * $1 billion dollars for track and signaling work in the Bakersfield to Fresno section, between Corcoran and Shafter, CA.

      * $1 billion dollars for track, signaling, and other infrastructure on the Los Angeles to Anaheim section from Santa Fe Springs to the Anaheim station.

      * $1 billion dollars for the electrification of the alignment along the San Francisco to San Jose section and construction of a high-speed train station in the Mid-Peninsula area.

      Caltrans proposal submitted today includes improvements to Caltrans' three existing passenger rail lines: the Capitol Corridor, San Joaquin and Pacific Surfliner.

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