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Court injunction suspends contract imposed on AC Transit workers

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  • 8/3 Contra Costa Times
    Published Tuesday, August 3, 2010, by the Contra Costa Times Judge grants injunction suspending contract imposed on AC Transit workers By Denis Cuff Contra
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      Published Tuesday, August 3, 2010, by the Contra Costa Times

      Judge grants injunction suspending contract imposed on AC Transit workers

      By Denis Cuff
      Contra Costa Times

      OAKLAND -- A judge on Monday granted an injunction suspending the contract that AC Transit imposed on its bus drivers to cut labor costs.

      In a ruling sought by the bus drivers' union, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Judith Ford granted a preliminary injunction that overturns the contract the transit system board imposed July 18, transit district and union representatives reported.

      The AC Transit board decided in a closed-door meeting Monday night to wait at least two weeks before deciding whether to appeal the judge's decision, said Sam Singer, an AC Transit spokesman.

      KRON 4 is reporting that about 150 AC Transit drivers -- about 13 percent of the workforce -- called in sick today. AC Transit officials have said 15 to 20 percent of workers had been calling in sick after the contract was imposed, more than the norm of about 9 percent.

      AC Transit contends it can get out of financial difficulty only with the new contract that changed work rules to reduce overtime, created a two-tier pension system, and instituted an employee co-pay for health insurance.

      "This returns things to the status quo," said Claudia Hudson, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 192. "We hope we can get back to the bargaining table."

      Mary King, AC Transit's interim general manager, said the court ruling could force the district to consider eliminating jobs and further service cuts.

      Contact Denis Cuff at 925-943-8267.
      Staff writer Janis Mara contributed to this story.

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