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Caltrain eyes further spending cuts to balance $12.5m budget gap

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  • 5/7 Peninsula Daily
    Published Friday, May 7, 2010, by the Peninsula Daily News Caltrain releases budget but still has balancing to do By Mike Rosenberg San Mateo County Times
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      Published Friday, May 7, 2010, by the Peninsula Daily News

      Caltrain releases budget but still has balancing to do

      By Mike Rosenberg
      San Mateo County Times

      Caltrain officials on Thursday outlined the struggling agency's spending plans for the fiscal year that begins in July, but they are still trying to figure out how to balance the budget.

      In a presentation to the board of directors, Deputy CEO Gigi Harrington said the agency faces a $12.5 million gap for the next fiscal year, a deficit that will jump to $38.9 million in July 2011.

      Officials say they will need to cut service to make up a chunk of that difference and since April have been studying whether to eliminate midday, weekend and weeknight trains.

      But they have yet to determine how much money each option would save and how many riders would be lost, and are waiting until they have more details to propose any specifics.

      Caltrain officials are also looking at cutting early morning service and halting holiday trains.

      They say they could also save $700,000 by ending service to the Gilroy extension and another $670,000 by shutting the ticket offices at stations in San Francisco and San Jose.

      In addition, they may study whether to increase fares, although officials said that would be unlikely for the coming year.

      The cuts will occur gradually over the next two years because the subsidies Caltrain receives from its three partners -- San Francisco Muni, SamTrans and Santa Clara VTA -- will drop over that span.

      The three counties had historically provided about 40 percent of Caltrain's $100 million budget but plan to "wean" themselves off the rail agency to deal with their own problems, said CEO Mike Scanlon.

      SamTrans faces a $28.5 million deficit out of its $135 million budget and may have to cut service to balance its books.

      Muni plans to cut service by 10 percent, and VTA will have a $40 million budget gap for the fiscal year after next.

      The agencies expect to cut 35 percent of their Caltrain subsidies for the next fiscal year, or $14 million, and in July 2011 Caltrain expects the contributions to drop by up to 70 percent.

      "It's a two-year methadone program where we take half this year and half next year," said Scanlon, who is also the chief of SamTrans.

      Caltrain officials already reduced the original projected deficit of $23.5 million by using a $5 million state grant and cutting $6 million in spending.

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