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Letter: Fare inpsectors have boosted Muni revenues

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  • 9/27 SF Examiner
    Published Saturday, September 27, 2008 by the San Francisco Examiner Letters to the Editor Muni fare-enforcement inspectors have many roles In response to
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      Published Saturday, September 27, 2008 by the San Francisco Examiner

      Letters to the Editor

      "Muni fare-enforcement inspectors have many roles"

      In response to <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BATN/message/39441>
      Robert H. McDowell's Sept. 24 letter, I would like to clarify the
      important role of transit fare inspectors, who are not San Francisco
      police officers. They are employees of the San Francisco Municipal
      Transportation Agency, which operates Muni. The SFMTA is proud of
      the more than 50 TFIs who enforce the proof-of-payment policy and
      work to make sure each Muni rider has paid their fare.

      The uniforms of transit fare inspectors identify them as SFMTA
      employees, and their important work has been featured in Examiner
      stories. Inspectors work in pairs. When we bring in a new class,
      they take the new recruits into the field with them for extensive

      While TFIs do enforce Muni's security and fare policies, they also
      provide customer service to Muni riders and San Francisco visitors.
      These inspectors are an invaluable presence on the Muni light-rail
      trains, and we are actively planning for their expansion to Muni
      buses. As The Examiner reported earlier this month, increased fare-
      evasion enforcement contributed to an increase in Muni revenue over
      the past fiscal year.

      Nathaniel P. Ford Sr.
      Executive director and CEO
      San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

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