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Caltrain unveils nearly worthless plan ignoring bikes on trains

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  • 8/13 San Mateo Journal
    Published Wednesday, August 13, 2008, by the San Mateo Daily Journal Caltrain unveils bike plan By Dana Yates More bike racks and bike fees could be in store
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      Published Wednesday, August 13, 2008, by the San Mateo Daily Journal

      Caltrain unveils bike plan

      By Dana Yates

      More bike racks and bike fees could be in store for some San Mateo
      County train stations following a bicycle plan released Monday that
      indicates 8 percent of customers ride their bikes to and from the

      The draft Caltrain Bicycle Parking and Access Plan, originally called
      the Bike Master Plan, focuses on ways to improve bicycle access at
      Caltrain's 10 most popular stations, including Millbrae, San Mateo,
      Hillsdale and Redwood City. The plan outlines ways Caltrain can
      improve bike access at the stations and manage the number of bike
      riders that flood trains at peak hours.

      During peak commute hours, bicyclists are often "bumped" from the
      trains, meaning there is no room for their bike and therefore they
      must wait for the next train or quickly lock their bike up at the
      station. Caltrain has removed 1,000 seats from trains and designated
      the northern car of each train for bicyclists and their bikes. On
      the older style cars, there are 32 spaces for bikes. On the newer
      style cars, there are 16 spaces, according to Caltrain.

      The study considers the option of charging an additional bike fee.
      There are currently no commuter rail operators in the United State
      that charge an extra fee for bicycles brought on board. However,
      the Netherlands, Berlin and Vancouver, British Columbia charge fees
      ranging from $1 to $8.90, according to the report.

      Implementing such a fee would present a logistical challenge under
      current operations, according to the report.

      Caltrain is a proof-of-payment system on which passengers must pay
      fares before boarding. Without real-time information regarding
      onboard bike space availability, passengers with bikes could not be
      expected to pay a fee for a bicycle space they might not be able to

      The idea of paying more to bring a bike on board did not receive high
      marks in a 2007 online bicycle survey conducted by Caltrain. Of the
      926 respondents, 233 -- or 25 percent -- said they would bring their
      bikes on board as much as they currently do; 17 percent would stop
      bringing bikes on board; 16 percent would bring bikes on board less
      frequently; 12 percent would stop riding Caltrain; 10 percent said
      it would depend on the fee; 6 percent would use a folding bike and
      3 percent said they would use Caltrain less frequently.

      The study suggests Caltrain should consider subsidies to help
      customers buy folding bikes that can retail for $500 to $1,000.
      Folding bikes can be stored on luggage racks in any car.

      The plan also suggests increasing the total number of bike racks and
      lockers at the San Mateo County stations. San Mateo bike racks and
      lockers could increase from 30 to 49; Hillsdale would increase from
      34 to 39; Redwood City would increase from 72 to 106.

      The draft plan has been in development for a year. To view the
      plan, visit <http://www.caltrain.com/bicycle_master_plan.html>.
      [BATN: To get a sense for the issues which Caltrain's attempted
      bicycle "Master Plan" attempted to shamelessly sweep under the rug,
      see SFBC's excellent "Draft Plan for Bicycle Carriage on Caltrain"
      at <http://www.sfbike.org/?caltrain_bob>.]

      Comments on the draft plan will be accepted until 5 p.m., Tuesday,
      Sept. 9. To comment, send an e-mail to bikeplan@... or
      write to Caltrain Bicycle Access and Parking Plan, Attn: Planning
      and Development, P.O. Box 3006, San Carlos, CA 94070.

      The final plan will be presented to the Caltrain board for approval
      Oct. 4.

      Dana Yates can be reached by e-mail: dana@... or by
      phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 106.

      [BATN: See also:

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      Caltrain releases sham ignore-bikes-on-trains Master Plan

      Caltrain Bicycle Master Plan
      http://www.caltrain.com/bicycle_master_plan.html ]
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