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Editorial: Don't divert Dumbarton rail funds for costly SJ BART

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  • 6/27 Redwood City Daily
    Published Friday, June 27, 2008, by the Redwood City Daily News Derail bid to fund BART at local project s expense Editorial Regional transportation agency
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      Published Friday, June 27, 2008, by the Redwood City Daily News

      Derail bid to fund BART at local project's expense


      Regional transportation agency staff should rethink a recommendation
      to divert $91 million from a Dumbarton rail corridor project into the
      costly, questionable scheme to extend BART into the South Bay.

      The latest price tag for connecting BART through San Jose and into
      Santa Clara is $6 billion, an expense that the region cannot seem to
      cover. The project has languished for years while South Bay leaders
      searched for ways to save it.

      The latest idea is to complete the 16-mile project in stages,
      presumably until the effort founders.

      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission staff suggests that
      $91 million budgeted for Dumbarton could be used to extend BART's
      terminus in Fremont another five miles into the city's Warm Springs
      district. This money would be repaid at some future date -- we hope.

      Palo Alto City Council Member Yoriko Kishimoto rightly said that the
      Warm Springs plan is, by itself, a "bridge to nowhere." The project
      still falls well short of the link to downtown San Jose that
      presumably makes it feasible.

      That missing piece includes no less than 4.5 miles of subway
      construction under San Jose. Don't expect that anytime soon.

      Admittedly, the Dumbarton rail corridor project faces its own

      The proposal <http://www.smcta.com/Dumbarton_Rail/information.asp>
      to run trains over the Bay between the Peninsula and the East Bay
      has doubled in cost to $600 million. Meanwhile, residents in Menlo
      Park are raising concerns about possible train noise, and the Santa
      Clara County civil grand jury has raised valid questions about the
      Dumbarton project.

      However, a previous grand jury has already blasted the BART project,
      as well. What will the region gain by shifting money from a project
      short of funding to another that may be completely unworkable?

      Regional transportation officials should not be siphoning away money
      from the Dumbarton project or any others to BART until they can
      devise a viable plan for a South Bay BART presence.

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