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Caltrain to begin $4.3m revamp of all 4 San Bruno grade crossings

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    Published Monday, February 4, 2008, by Caltrain Caltrain to Start Grade Crossing Safety Project in San Bruno Beginning in early February, Caltrain will start a
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      Published Monday, February 4, 2008, by Caltrain

      Caltrain to Start Grade Crossing Safety Project in San Bruno

      Beginning in early February, Caltrain will start a year-long project
      to improve several grade crossings in San Bruno. The $4.3 million
      construction project will improve pedestrian and driver safety in
      San Bruno and help prepare the area for the construction of a grade
      separation that is tentatively scheduled to begin construction in

      The grade crossing locations that will be improved include Angus
      Avenue, San Bruno Avenue, San Mateo Avenue and Scott Street all
      in San Bruno, and South Linden Avenue in South San Francisco.
      The project also will realign San Mateo Avenue and install new
      crossing equipment, while improving fencing and landscaping.

      Construction will begin in with the demolition and removal of
      structures within the former lumber yard. This work may not be
      immediately noticeable to people in the area, however, later in the
      month work will start on the streets, where the work will be more
      visible. Crews will install new curb ramps, sidewalks, pedestrian
      crossings, and grade crossing panels at South Linden, San Mateo,
      Scott and Angus avenues.

      Later in the year, crews will install new railroad signal gates at
      San Mateo Avenue, and provide landscaping, signs, fencing, and
      pedestrian gates at Scott, South Linden, and Angus avenues. During
      the last phase of the project, crews will work on realigning and
      overlaying San Bruno Avenue, and re-grading and repaving the former
      lumber yard.

      Neighbors in the area will notice some construction noise from
      equipment. Periodically, work will have to be scheduled during
      weekends and at night. When this occurs, Caltrain will make efforts
      to notify the public in advance. Crews will work as quickly and as
      quietly as possible to minimize any negative impact to residents or

      For additional information about Caltrain construction call

      Media Contact: Jonah Weinberg, 650.508.6238

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