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Plans unveiled for TOD on Samtrans land at San Carlos Caltrain

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  • 1/22 San Mateo Journal
    Published Tuesday, January 22, 2008, by the San Mateo Daily Journal Transit village plan unveiled By Michelle Durand Questions about the future of the land
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      Published Tuesday, January 22, 2008, by the San Mateo Daily Journal

      Transit village plan unveiled

      By Michelle Durand

      Questions about the future of the land around the historic San Carlos
      train station could be answered with a mixed-use development proposal
      officials say will emphasize transit-oriented housing and spur other
      improvements along El Camino Real.

      "It could be an exclamation point of sorts for the city," said Al
      Savay, community development director for San Carlos.

      The train depot is both a gateway to downtown San Carlos and a highly
      visible site along the Peninsula's major thoroughfare. A "high-
      quality project" like the proposed San Carlos Transit Village could
      serve as a catalyst for other work in the surrounding area, Savay

      The village plan is not officially part of the ongoing renovation of
      El Camino Real known as the Grand Boulevard Project but shares the
      same goal of revitalization.

      "If this is done right it will have a significant benefit to the
      community," Savay said.

      Plans for the village project are still in early stages, with city
      officials just recently signing off on a $100,000 contract for an
      environmental impact review and traffic study.

      The public, too, has been clamoring to get a look at what could be at
      the 8.7-acre site neighboring Oak Street and Old County Road. The
      community gets that chance with a series of public forums, including
      one scheduled Wednesday night, to show off preliminary renderings and
      models of the plan.

      As it is designed now, the village plan includes 281 residential
      units, 34,600 square feet of retail development, a pedestrian plaza,
      a public gathering space in front of the depot and a drop-off point
      just south of the current station. In total, the project involves
      eight buildings in addition to the existing train depot.

      The San Mateo Transit District owns the property, which is primarily
      undeveloped. SamTrans approached the city of San Carlos about not
      only doing something with the land but tailoring the project to
      something it knows quite a bit about -- transportation.

      "The project fits with our mission to promote public transit and
      since this is a property that we have direct control over it was
      idea," said SamTrans spokesman Jonah Weinberg.

      The transit village is the only real estate project SamTrans has
      currently, Weinberg said.

      SamTrans hired Foster City-based Legacy Partners to make the plan a
      reality. Legacy representatives could not be reached for comment but
      are expected at Wednesday night's community forum.

      While the San Carlos Transit Village would likely pour revenue into
      the city's coffers, rough estimates have yet to be made about the
      potential financial gain, Savay said.

      City officials also emphasize that the design is in the beginning
      stages and open to change based on feedback. Since the original plan,
      the number of residential units has been scaled back while the amount
      of retail significantly increased.

      The Planning Commission is scheduled to hear an update on the project
      at its Feb. 19 meeting followed by a similar presentation to the City
      Council Feb. 25.

      Info box:

      The San Carlos Transit Village Open House is 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
      Wednesday, Jan. 23 in the San Carlos Library, Second Floor,
      Conference Rooms A & B, 610 Elm St., San Carlos.

      Refreshments will be provided and attendees will visit three separate
      stations manned with representatives from the city, SamTrans and
      Legacy Development.

      Michelle Durand can be reached by e-mail: michelle@...
      or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 102.

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