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Millbrae BART/Caltrain TOD plans appear stalled

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  • 1/22 San Mateo Journal
    Published Tuesday, January 22, 2008, by the San Mateo Daily Journal Mass redevelopment plan slows to a crawl Daily Journal Staff Report Dreams of commuters
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      Published Tuesday, January 22, 2008, by the San Mateo Daily Journal

      Mass redevelopment plan slows to a crawl

      Daily Journal Staff Report

      Dreams of commuters strolling freely from BART to a restaurant, movie
      theater or even an apartment in Millbrae without stepping foot in a
      car aren't becoming a reality.

      Little has changed since the Millbrae City Council unanimously agreed
      to allow Fancher Partners, a development agency out of Irvine,
      Calif., to move forward on its proposal for the area around the
      Millbrae Bay Area Rapid Transit Station in 2006 -- known as Site One.

      The exclusive contract was extended four times since. In September,
      the five-month extension included a timeline with benchmark goals.
      The goals were not met. Now the council must decide how to move

      The effort to develop the land in Site One near the Millbrae BART
      Station began in 1996. The Site One area ends at El Camino Real on
      the west, by the yet to be built Victoria Avenue on the north, by an
      extension of California Drive to the east and by Millbrae Avenue to
      the south.

      The proposed vision -- which has not been revisited since early 2006
      -- dubbed the Millbrae Station Pavilion, a six-story, mixed-use
      development covering about eight acres of land.

      The two-building configuration would be centered around a station
      square. The area would include retail, restaurant, a seven-screen
      cinema, a 231-unit condominium component, 32,000 square-feet of
      office space and a 131-room hotel area.

      The council meets 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22 at City Hall, 601 Magnolia
      Ave., Millbrae.

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