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Marin to join NIMBY Novato suit against NCRA freight revival

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  • 11/27 Marin IJ
    Published Tuesday, November 27, 2007, by the Marin Independent Journal Marin to join lawsuit over freight rail plans By Brad Breithaupt Marin County is jumping
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      Published Tuesday, November 27, 2007, by the Marin Independent Journal

      Marin to join lawsuit over freight rail plans

      By Brad Breithaupt

      Marin County is jumping aboard Novato's lawsuit aimed at slowing the
      return of freight trains through the north end of the county.

      After a 4-0 vote in a closed-door session with county lawyers
      Tuesday, Marin supervisors publicly announced the county will file
      an amicus brief, declaring its support for Novato's lawsuit against
      the North Coast Railroad Authority and its plans to revive rail from
      Humboldt County to Novato, where trains would head east to Lombard
      in Napa County.

      Marin Supervisor Steve Kinsey said the county's action is not a
      stand against the return of freight trains. But the county supports
      Novato's argument that the rail authority should halt work repairing
      and upgrading its tracks until it completes an environmental review
      of its 316-mile rail plan.

      That review could lead to a limit on the number of trains and hours
      of operation as well as requirements that so-called "quiet zones" be
      installed at crossings, Kinsey said.

      "Quiet zones" involve extensive safety measures that permit trains
      to roll through crossings without sounding their warning horn.

      Marin County Counsel Patrick Faulkner said the county has legal
      standing in the case as one of the Novato crossings, near the
      StoneTree Golf Club, is in the unincorporated area east of downtown.
      Residents of the Green Point and StoneTree areas could be affected
      by the revival of freight service, he said.

      NCRA has said restoration of freight service could result in as many
      as 32 trains pulling as many as 60 cars each through Novato every

      Novato, in its case, argued that freight trains would bring traffic
      problems, safety hazards and noise to town. Novato's lawsuit is
      scheduled to be heard by Marin County Judge James Ritchie on Dec. 11.
      The judge in October ruled that NCRA could continue its construction,
      pending the court hearing.

      NCRA's lawyer, Chris Neary of Willits, said he has not yet seen the
      county brief.

      He stressed that the rail agency is in the middle of preparing a
      $2.4 million environmental impact report on its plans. That report,
      which will include an analysis of possible "quiet zones" and freight
      traffic, should be released for public review in May, Neary said.

      The Marin board on Tuesday was urged to join Novato's suit by several
      local and North Coast environmental groups, among them the Marin
      Conservation League, the Garberville-based Friends of the Eel River
      and the Marin-based Watershed Preservation Network.

      Those environmental groups and others also announced they plan to
      file an amicus brief in support of Novato's lawsuit.

      A woman with the single name of Nadananda, executive director of
      Friends of the Eel River, said her group is worried that restoration
      of freight service would lead to further mining along a Trinity
      County stretch of the North Coast river.

      She told the county board that freight service would start "the
      domino effect" of environmental damage to the river.

      Supervisor Judy Arnold, a former NCRA board member, supported the
      county's move.

      "This will help Novato get 'quiet zones,'" she said.

      Kinsey said the county action calls for full disclosure and public
      study of NCRA's plans.

      The rail agency, he said, has moved forward with upgrades without
      first fully analyzing the cumulative effects of freight. Instead,
      it has evaluated it in segments, he said.

      "We want to stand for a full CEQA process," Kinsey said, referring
      to the California Environmental Quality Act, which requires
      environmental review of projects.

      Arnold said the NCRA's environmental process is important to winning
      local voter support of the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District's
      plans to launch a commuter train along the same rail line.

      "The SMART people want to see CEQA adhered to because it gives them
      a black eye," she said.

      Novato City Manager Dan Keen welcomed the county to Novato's lawsuit.

      "That's great news. I think it does help," he said. The county's
      support is a sign that potential problems involving the revival of
      freight extend beyond Novato city limits, Keen said.

      "I still do not see how the city of Novato benefits from freight,"
      he said.

      Neary said Novato filed its lawsuit too late to challenge the
      agency's construction projects.

      "Many of Novato's arguments on CEQA are being made too late. When
      it comes to 'quiet zones,' it's too early," he said.

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