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Roadshow: N. Bay road widenings; BART to end Caltrain-SFO link

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  • 10/16 SJ Mercury
    Published Tuesday, October 16, 2007, by the San Jose Mercury News Roadshow When will the North Bay mess be fixed? By Gary Richards Mercury News Staff Columnist
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      Published Tuesday, October 16, 2007, by the San Jose Mercury News


      When will the North Bay mess be fixed?

      By Gary Richards
      Mercury News Staff Columnist

      Q I needed to be in the Ukiah area one weekend, and I have come to
      realize how good we have it in the South Bay compared with our North
      Bay neighbors. I left San Jose about 1 p.m. and 511.org suggested I
      take Interstate 880 through the maze to I-580 and over the Richmond-
      San Rafael Bridge to Highway 101. About 2 p.m. I made it to Berkeley,
      where I encountered a large slow-down, but I wasn't surprised.
      Traffic actually was moving, just slowly. No real problems.

      As I traveled through Marin and Sonoma counties, they appear to
      have such reverence for the speed limits that people drive five to
      10 mph below the limit, lest they sneak up on the limit and frighten
      it. And they have equal disregard for things such as turn signals.
      It took 4-1/2 hours to make a trip that should only have taken me
      three hours. What is the status of road projects to help relieve
      the gridlock in the 101-Marin-Sonoma corridor?

      David Bedno
      San Jose

      A A slew of projects are in the pipeline, with the biggie being the
      widening of 101 or the Novato Narrows from four to six lanes between
      Highway 37 and Old Redwood Highway in north Petaluma, a stretch of
      16 miles. Work is to start in late 2011 and could cost $600 million.
      Also planned:

      * Opening a flyover ramp connecting 101 to I-580 and the Richmond
      Bridge in February.

      * Widening of 101 from Marin County to Windsor is scheduled to finish
      late next year.

      * Widening of 101 through downtown Santa Rosa by 2009.

      * Adding a carpool lane for 4-1/2 miles between Corte Madera and San
      Rafael by 2009.

      Q To my surprise, I recently was told that BART will stop running
      trains between San Francisco airport and Millbrae next year. Have you
      heard anything about this? How are people going to get from Caltrain
      to the airport?

      Ken Rose
      Palo Alto

      A A change is coming, but BART trains will continue to take Caltrain
      riders to San Francisco International Airport. Beginning next year,
      Caltrain riders from the Peninsula and South Bay will switch just
      like they now do to a BART train at Millbrae -- only they will take
      it one stop to San Bruno and get off and board a shuttle train to the
      airport. While ridership to the airport is increasing -- to nearly
      9,500 trips each weekday, up from a projected 7,836 trips -- most
      people heading to the airport are coming south from San Francisco.
      Skirting the airport from Millbrae allows BART to provide faster
      service into San Francisco and the East Bay.


      Contact Gary Richards at mrroadshow@... or (408) 920-5335.

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