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Stalled Millbrae BART TOD speeds new downtown parking garage

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  • 9/26 San Mateo Journal
    Published Wednesday, September 26 2007, by the San Mateo Daily Journal Redevelopment delay means new city garage By Heather Murtagh Visions of commuters moving
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      Published Wednesday, September 26 2007, by the San Mateo Daily Journal

      Redevelopment delay means new city garage

      By Heather Murtagh

      Visions of commuters moving from Millbrae Station to a restaurant,
      apartment or theater aren't moving to reality as quickly as city
      officials would have hoped, however the delay means money for other
      projects like a downtown parking garage.

      A new 120-day extension timeline was approved allowing Fancher
      Partners, a development agency out of Irvine, Calif., to move forward
      on its proposal for a massive eight-acre, six-story, mixed-use
      redevelopment area around the Millbrae BART/Caltrain station. The
      two building configuration would be centered around a station square.
      The area would include retail, restaurant, a seven-screen cinema, a
      231-unit condominium component, 32,000 square-feet of office space
      and a 131-room hotel area. The proposed vision -- which has not been
      revisited since early 2006 -- is dubbed the Millbrae Station

      The exclusive contract was extended three times since it was approved
      last year. This will be the final extension. With this extension came
      a timeline with benchmarks that must be met by the end of the

      "This project really is what the future of Millbrae is based on,"
      said Councilwoman Gina Papan.

      Along with the benchmarks comes a new agreement not requiring the
      Redevelopment Agency to put up money for the project until 28 months
      into development. This frees up money to be used on projects in the
      near future such as a $4 million to $9 million downtown parking
      structure -- a project that got the go ahead last night as well.

      For the development to move forward, Fancher Partners must have
      willing sellers from 10 property owners along El Camino Real from
      Millbrae Avenue north to Victoria Avenue. So far, the company has
      four of the 10 properties in contract, according to a report prepared
      by City Planner Ralph Petty.

      The new agreement requires two-thirds of the land area to be acquired
      by the end of the 120 days. Financial backing would need to be
      reached by the end of next month. Finally, an agreement with the
      Redevelopment Agency and the developer needs to be completed.

      The Site One delay was preventing the city from planning other
      projects such as the downtown parking garage. Without a requirement
      to provide upfront funding for Site One, the city has the money to
      research the parking garage. Designs will begin to be created in the
      upcoming months, said City Manager Ralph Jaeck.

      The effort to develop the land in Site One near the Millbrae BART
      Station began in 1996.

      The Site One area ends at El Camino Real on the west, by the yet to
      be built Victoria Avenue on the north, by an extension of California
      Drive to the east and by Millbrae Avenue to the south. Businesses
      currently there include Peter's Cafe, La Petite Camille restaurant,
      Kwong's Seafood restaurant, Zack's Bar and Grill, Millbrae Lumber and
      Cabinet Shop, Tire Imports, Serra Convalescent Home and Millbrae Auto

      Heather Murtagh can be reached by e-mail: heather@...
      or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 105.

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