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HSR probably won't stop in Santa Clarita -- but maglev might

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  • 3/31 Santa Clarita Signal
    Published Saturday, March 31, 2007, by the Santa Clarita Signal High-Speed Train May Pass SCV But Won t Stop Here By Kristopher Daams Signal Staff Writer A
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      Published Saturday, March 31, 2007, by the Santa Clarita Signal

      High-Speed Train May Pass SCV But Won't Stop Here

      By Kristopher Daams
      Signal Staff Writer

      A planned link connecting Los Angeles and Palmdale as part of a
      high-speed rail network being sought by state officials is not
      proposed to have any stops in the Santa Clarita Valley.

      The California High-Speed Rail Authority <http://cahighspeedrail.ca.gov>
      would have the link run along Highway 14 and through Soledad Canyon,
      but stops for the proposed rail system are being sought for Sylmar,
      Burbank and Palmdale.

      Carrie Pourvahidi, deputy director of the authority, said local land
      was unavailable for a potential stop in the Santa Clarita Valley
      as "it was all built up," she said.

      But Daniel Tempelis, speaking on behalf of the authority at Tuesday's
      City Council meeting, said a station could potentially be located in
      the Santa Clarita Valley "if we could find a suitable location."

      The planned route is set to run north from Union Station in Downtown
      Los Angeles, along Highway 14 to Palmdale.

      It's hoped that the planned route runs along Highway 14 as much as
      possible, but the curvature of that highway is too tight. Because
      of that, a wider area is set to be reviewed for the planned link's

      "It would have to be fairly straight for high-speed trains to
      operate," Pourvahidi said of the necessary track alignment.

      There's also environmental concerns due to local natural resources.

      "It's the whole river area and the riparian habitat," Pourvahidi
      said of the Santa Clara River.

      The tracks would be composed of tunnels, at-grade and elevated
      tracks but "it really depends on the topography of the area and the
      surroundings," Pourvahidi said.

      Tempelis told the council that "more than likely we'll be looking
      at tunnel options through Soledad Canyon."

      The environmental stage of the planned link should take two to three
      years and the environmental process for the statewide program --
      which Pourvahidi said "kind of looked at the entire system from a
      bird's eye-view" -- has already been completed.

      Meetings are set to be held in April to obtain public input as to
      what should be included in the environmental review stage, and a
      nearly $10 billion bond is set to be voted on by state voters in
      November 2008 to fund construction of the 700-mile system that
      advocates say could take less than three hours to go from Los Angeles
      to San Francisco.

      Santa Clarita is planning a proposed station for a line used by a
      magnetic levitation, or maglev, transport train.

      The vicinity of the Via Princessa exit from Highway 14 in Santa
      Clarita is being proposed for a stop on the Orangeline route
      <http://orangeline.calmaglev.org> that would also run along
      Highway 14.

      Maglev trains are pulled by an electromagnetic field. They can reach
      top speeds of about 300 mph and are used in other parts of the world
      like China and Europe.

      High-speed rail trains are powered by electricity, use steel wheels
      on steel tracks and can reach a top speed of about 220 mph.

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