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Plan for TOD at Hayward Park Caltrain spurs traffic, parking fears

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  • 11/2 San Mateo Daily
    Pubilshed Thursday, November 2, by the San Mateo Daily News Hayward Park plans presented Traffic, parking top residents worries By Will Oremus At a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
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      Pubilshed Thursday, November 2, by the San Mateo Daily News

      Hayward Park plans presented
      Traffic, parking top residents' worries

      By Will Oremus

      At a neighborhood meeting Wednesday about the proposed 12.5-acre
      development next to the Hayward Park Caltrain station, the refrain
      from area residents was, "I love your plans, but ... "

      The audience of about 80 area residents generally appeared pleased
      with developer EBL&S' plans to replace a Kmart store with a transit-
      oriented retail and residential village centered on a public park.
      But traffic and parking concerns dominated the discussion.

      "I don't like Kmart -- I'd love to see this go," said Adrianna
      Paulazzo, a resident of the nearby Sunnybrae neighborhood. "But you
      have people coming in and out spilling onto Delaware Street, which
      is a disaster right now, and Highway 92, which at three o'clock is
      backed up."

      Paulazzo and dozens of other neighbors said they are worried that
      building 600 residential units, plus shops and possibly offices,
      will bring additional traffic and possibly spillover parking onto
      their streets.

      "If you have 900 humans living there -- and I think it will likely
      be more -- that's about 1 percent of all of San Mateo living in a
      12-acre parcel right next to our homes," said Cheryl Hilton, a
      resident of the 19th Avenue Park neighborhood. "I like what I see
      in many, many ways here, but it's also a little bit daunting."

      The plans presented by Philadelphia firm EBL&S call for a
      quintessential "T.O.D.," or transit-oriented development, a concept
      intended to promote environmental sustainability. The idea is to
      put high concentrations of people on pedestrian-friendly streets
      near transit connections, reducing the need for them to drive.

      It is the linchpin of San Mateo's plans for the future, but some
      residents say they fear it won't work here because of the paucity
      of public transit options other than Caltrain.

      Plans for the Hayward Park project are designed to dovetail with
      the city's broader Rail Corridor Plan, and the developer will work
      with both the city and residents to minimize parking and traffic
      spillover, said Alan Talansky, the project's lead developer.

      "We realize that parking is an issue: it's filling half our
      papers," Talansky said, gesturing toward the notes the developer's
      representatives were taking to record residents' concerns and

      He said possibilities for addressing the issue included offering
      car-sharing programs, bike paths and shuttle services from the
      development to downtown San Mateo and to the larger Hillsdale
      Caltrain station. He noted that the plans call for nearly all the
      parking to be underground, to make the development more attractive
      to pedestrians.

      Talansky added that the project is still in its infancy, as the
      developer only recently bought the land and has not yet reached an
      agreement to remove its main tenant, Kmart.

      "We're at best three years away from tearing anything down,"
      Talansky said.

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