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Fremont bicycle panel to study trail along UP rail lines

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  • 10/26 Fremont Bulletin
    Published Thursday, October 26, 2006, by the Fremont Bulletin City begins studying trail route following railroad lines By Wes Bowers Fremont Bicycle
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      Published Thursday, October 26, 2006, by the Fremont Bulletin

      City begins studying trail route following railroad lines

      By Wes Bowers

      Fremont Bicycle Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee will soon be
      looking at creating a trail through Fremont along the Union Pacific
      Railroad lines.

      The committee held a public meeting and workshop last Wednesday
      night to begin a feasibility study for building a trail along the
      railroad corridor, as part of City of Fremont's so-called Pedestrian
      Master Plan.

      The proposed route of the trail would begin at Clark Drive in the
      Niles District, and continue south to the Fremont and Milpitas

      Marge Hendrickson, a consultant with Colorado-based Questa
      Engineering Corp., said portions of this nine-mile route are
      currently abandoned by the railroad company, but some are actively

      She said other portions are part of the Bay Area Rapid Transit
      plan to extend BART to the Warm Springs District.

      While there are many aspects to the Pedestrian Master Plan,
      Hendrickson said this particular alignment was a high priority
      for the city to complete.

      The trail is proposed to follow five segments:

      Niles (Clark Drive and Canyon Road) to Mission Boulevard

      Mission Boulevard to Paseo Padre Parkway

      Paseo Padre Parkway to Washington Boulevard

      Washington Boulevard to South Grimmer

      South Grimmer Boulevard to the Fremont city limits.

      Hendrickson said in Niles, a commuter rail line goes along the first
      portion of the proposed trail route. The trail will then make its
      way behind Niles Elementary School, to where railroad tracks are

      She added that the portion of trail between Paseo Padre Parkway and
      Washington Boulevard is currently undeveloped.

      "BART is proposed to come up from Lake Elizabeth, located on the
      east side of the existing track area," she said. "The west side of
      the tracks would then become available for (the) trail."

      Hendrickson said a major part of the project is determining on which
      side of the existing tracks the trail will be placed, as the route
      is lined with properties owned by various groups.

      This will be examined closely in the fifth section of the route,
      where Hendrickson said heavy rail use, along with residential
      developments on the east side of the corridor, would likely occur.

      Hendrickson added there are possibilities for the new trail to be
      connected to other trails in and around Fremont.

      These trails include the Alameda Creek Trail, the Bay Area Ridge
      Trail, as well as East Bay Regional Park District trails such as
      Vargas Plateau.

      Issues such as flooding and drainage, public utility conflicts,
      wildlife habitats and street crossings must be examined.

      Hendrickson said Union Pacific Railroad is currently in the Laguna
      Creek Watershed, with about 10 creeks total along its route.

      However, before a trail can be constructed, provisions such as
      pedestrian safety, links to neighborhoods and funding must be

      The next steps in the process are identifying a preliminary
      route, drafting a preliminary design and estimating project costs.
      The project will then go into the phasing and financing stage.

      A second public meeting will be held when all that data is
      collected, Questa consultant Jeff Peters said.

      "We have a few definite ideas," he said. "It's just a matter of
      putting them on maps and plan sheets."
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