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Props 1A, 1B could bring millions in transport cash to SMCo.

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  • 10/30 San Mateo Journal
    Published Monday, October 30, 2006, by the San Mateo Daily Journal Proposition could bring big money to county By Dana Yates Millions of dollars could be
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      Published Monday, October 30, 2006, by the San Mateo Daily Journal

      Proposition could bring big money to county

      By Dana Yates

      Millions of dollars could be funneled to San Mateo County for
      nicer roads, less traffic and improved mass transportation if
      voters approve state propositions 1A and 1B next week.

      Proposition 1B seeks to borrow nearly $20 billion for highway
      safety, traffic reduction, air quality and port security. The
      majority of the money -- $11.3 billion -- will go to reduce traffic
      congestion and make highway and local road improvements. Additional
      money will go toward public transportation, the creation of better
      roads for better air quality to and from ports and better security
      of all transportation systems.

      Proposition 1A is also part of that package and solidifies
      previously passed Proposition 42 that calls for the gasoline tax
      to be only used for transportation improvements and ensures the $2
      billion a year collected for it not be siphoned off for other budget
      needs. It will ensure the Bay Area receives $274 million annually
      and $3.4 billion over 10 years, according the Metropolitan
      Transportation Commission.

      If passed, the propositions will guarantee millions to Bay Area
      transportation projects.

      SamTrans is slated to earn an extra $67.7 million, Caltrain will get
      $60.3 million and Bay Area Rapid Transit will get $348.8 million
      over the next 10 years, according to the MTC.

      In that same time, the Bay Area would receive $1.3 billion for
      public transportation modernization and improvements, $365 million
      for local street and road repairs and $348 million in state
      transportation improvement program funding. San Mateo County cities
      will be entitled to a total of slightly more than $321 million from
      both propositions, according to the MTC.

      "I think there's no doubt, as with parks, schools ...We're in a
      sorry state. This measure is really about catching up. We have
      cities with local roads decades behind in upgrades," said Randy
      Rentschler, legislation and public affairs director for the MTC.

      Some of the money will be directly allocated to cities, counties
      and transportation agencies. However, most of the money will be
      available for in what Rentschler describes as a "sweepstakes."
      Money will be awarded to agencies based on the need for certain
      projects and a long list of certain qualifications, he said.

      What San Mateo County would receive

      Local Streets and Road: $133.1M (Prop 1A), $40.8M (Prop 1B)
      State Transportation Improvement Program: $119.5M (1A), $28.7M (1B)

      Atherton: $67,049 (1A), $400,000 (1B)
      Belmont: $236,804 (1A), $814,868 (1B)
      Brisbane: $34,568 (1A), $400,000 (1B)
      Burlingame: $261,493 (1A), $899,824 (1B)
      Colma: $14,542 (1A), $400,000 (1B)
      Daly City: $967,787(1A),$3,330,257 (1B)
      East Palo Alto: $296,218 (1A),$1,019,315 (1B)
      Foster City: $276,062 (1A), $949,959 (1B)
      Half Moon Bay: $117,617 (1A), $404,733 (1B)
      Hillsborough: $101,238 (1A), $400,000 (1B)
      Menlo Park: $283,910 (1A), $976,964 (1B)
      Millbrae: $191,443 (1A), $658,776 (1B)
      Pacifica: $357,671 (1A), $1,230,784 (1B)
      Portola Valley: $42,037 (1A), $400,000 (1B)
      Redwood City: $702,500 (1A), $2,417,357 (1B)
      San Bruno: $383,302 (1A),$1,318,981 (1B)
      San Carlos: $260,966 (1A), $898,013 (1B)
      San Mateo: $870,796 (1A), $2,996,500 (1B)
      S. San Francisco:$570,812 (1A), $1,964,222 (1B)
      Woodside: $50,845 (1A), $400,000 (1B)

      Dana Yates can be reached by e-mail: dana@... or by
      phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 106. What do you think of this story?
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