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Nevin lost support due to role in SMCo. BART extension disaster

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  • 6/8 SJ Mercury
    Published Thursday, June 8, 2006, by the San Jose Mercury Result surprises some in San Mateo By Renee Koury Mercury News Among Tuesday s surprising votes was
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      Published Thursday, June 8, 2006, by the San Jose Mercury

      Result surprises some in San Mateo

      By Renee Koury
      Mercury News

      Among Tuesday's surprising votes was the resounding victory of
      San Francisco's Leland Yee over San Mateo County's Mike Nevin in
      the race for state Senate.

      The vote means that for the first time in eight years, San Mateo
      County probably won't have a home-grown representative in either
      of its two state Senate chairs.

      The seat covering southern San Mateo is filled by Democrat Joe
      Simitian of Palo Alto. Now, former San Francisco Supervisor Yee
      will challenge Republican Michael Skipakevich to take the seat of
      hometown political heavyweight Jackie Speier. Her district covers
      the strongly Democratic swath of northern San Mateo and western
      San Francisco counties.

      "We've had such strong representation by Speier for San Mateo
      County," said Supervisor Adrienne Tissier, who had endorsed Nevin.
      "I just hope that Yee, too, will be a strong voice. He just hasn't
      covered the same territory."

      Speier, who also served many years on the county's board, narrowly
      lost a bid Tuesday to become the Democratic candidate for lieutenant

      Nevin could not be reached immediately to comment on the outcome of
      the race. But Yee said he won support in the southern cities because
      of his work on issues of broader concern, such as the environment,
      schools and health care.

      "While we all grew up in a particular city, and people tend to look
      at us in a parochial way, that's not how I look at issues," said
      Yee, who was raised in San Francisco. "I take a broader approach."

      Nevin, a 12-year veteran of the county board, lost the race 50
      percent to 36 percent. He prevailed among San Mateo County
      residents, with 42 percent of his home county's vote. But Yee didn't
      do badly there, garnering 35 percent.

      Yee won several endorsements in San Mateo County, including those of
      Menlo Park City Councilwoman Kelly Ferguson, Ravenswood City school
      board member Chester Palesoo and Burlingame Mayor Cathy Baylock.

      Baylock was out of town Wednesday, but her husband, Joe Baylock,
      said the mayor liked Yee because he opposed the BART extension to
      San Francisco International Airport, which now is costing San Mateo
      County taxpayers millions of dollars in subsidies.

      Yee has represented a sliver of northern San Mateo County as a state
      assemblyman. As such, he has helped support efforts to preserve the
      coast and assist with the closed Highway 1 at Devils Slide, County
      Supervisor Rich Gordon said.

      Many thought Nevin would fare better in the race because of his
      deep roots in San Mateo and heavy campaigning in San Francisco. He
      won endorsements from key politicians including San Francisco Mayor
      Gavin Newsom and U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

      "I was surprised by the wide margin of the victory," Yee said. "San
      Mateo is not a stranger to me."

      Contact Renee Koury at rkoury@... or (650) 688-7598.

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