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Caltrans refuses Millbrae El Camino ped crossing request

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  • 4/8 Redwood City Daily
    Published Saturday, April 8, 2006, in the Redwood City Daily News City struggling to install new crosswalks Council to vote on funding for crossings after
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      Published Saturday, April 8, 2006, in the Redwood City Daily News

      City struggling to install new crosswalks

      Council to vote on funding for crossings after Caltrans negotiations
      get no results

      By Liz Harrelson
      Daily News Staff Writer

      Cash-strapped city officials exasperated at the state's reluctance
      to provide a safe haven for pedestrians crossing El Camino Real are
      offering to pay for the project -- just to get it done.

      Installing a pedestrian crossing would adversely affect traffic by
      slowing it down, said officials from the California Department of
      Transportation, or Caltrans.

      Yet stopping traffic is just what Millbrae city officials and the
      family of at least one high school student severely injured while
      using an El Camino Real crosswalk want to do.

      "If they don't do something about these crosswalks, it's going to
      continue," said Jacqueline Parley, mother of Nicole, a Capucino High
      School student who was hit in November 2004 while crossing the state
      highway at Millwood Drive. The honor student suffered brain injuries
      and a broken leg after she was struck by a van.

      She has since recovered and is now on a school trip to Europe, said

      Another girl has not been so lucky.

      A 17-year-old Mills High School student remains "critical, unstable
      and comatose" in San Francisco General Hospital nearly two weeks
      after she was struck by a car on Tuesday while walking in an El
      Camino Real crosswalk at Ludeman Lane, four blocks away from the one
      where Parley was hit, said Millbrae police Detective John Aronis

      In the wake of this latest tragedy, Millbrae city officials have
      renewed their effort to make crossing El Camino Real safer, this
      time by proposing to install lights in the Millwood Drive and El
      Camino Real crosswalk -- a project normally done by Caltrans.

      "It will at least provide some additional protection for folks
      trying to cross El Camino Real," said Millbrae Director of Public
      Works Ron Popp.

      The project is expected to cost around $75,000 -- a large sum for a
      city facing a $2 million deficit in the next five years -- and Popp
      said that with Caltrans' cooperation it could be complete in fall

      Yet past negotiations with Caltrans officials have netted no results.

      Caltrans' response to the city's pleas for a crosswalk after Nicole
      Parley was struck said that installing a traffic signal would not
      prevent future accidents because they were caused by human error.

      Signals were unfavorable due to their effects on heavy traffic on
      El Camino Real, said Popp in a prepared statement.

      Caltrans' policy is to look at the accident history, traffic and
      pedestrian flow of a particular intersection, said spokeswoman
      Lauren Wonder.

      She declined to comment on the city's offer but confirmed the
      department was talking with city officials.

      Millbrae City Council members will vote Tuesday on whether to
      allocate street maintenance funds to the project during a 7 p.m.
      meeting in the Council Chambers, 621 Magnolia Drive, Millbrae.

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