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San Mateo panel to oversee traffic issues in Caltrain corridor

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  • 4/6 Redwood City Daily
    Published Thursday, April 6, 2006, by the Redwood City Daily News Traffic group forming City aiming to cut sprawl, reduce car trips By David Smith Daily News
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      Published Thursday, April 6, 2006, by the Redwood City Daily News

      Traffic group forming
      City aiming to cut sprawl, reduce car trips

      By David Smith
      Daily News Staff Writer

      San Mateo's Public Works Department is in the process of pulling
      together a nonprofit association to oversee traffic issues within
      the Rail Corridor Plan, but critics question whether it would
      represent their interests.

      Working with the San Francisco-based consulting firm Nelson Nygaard
      <http://www.nelsonnygaard.com> and with the Peninsula Traffic
      Congestion Relief Alliance <http://www.commute.org>, the
      Public Works Department is in the preliminary stages of creating a
      transportation management association for the development plan,
      officials said.

      Pedestrian friendly, mixed use

      The plan, approved in June 2005, encourages denser, pedestrian-
      friendly, mixed-use development in the areas closest to the
      Hillsdale and Hayward Park Caltrain stations to discourage sprawl
      and reduce the number of car trips produced by new development.

      The Rail Corridor Plan mandates a 25 percent reduction in traffic,
      to be achieved by incentive programs and the developments' proximity
      to Caltrain stops.

      The association would be self-governing body that would oversee
      traffic issues related to the Rail Corridor Plan as it moves
      forward, said Gary Heap, a senior engineer with the department.

      Heap said the association in which San Mateo [...]

      "The intent is to have this be a self-governing body and not be
      dictated by the city," Heap said.

      Local traffic critic Art Weiner doubted that a person with concerns
      about the plan would find himself serving on the associated,
      saying "I can't get excited about this."

      He is the president of the Beresford/Hillsdale Neighborhood
      Association <http://beresfordhillsdale.org>, which has raised
      concerns about traffic speed and volume, especially with the
      potential grade separations at 31st and 28th avenues. Weiner
      doubted if the 25 percent reduction in traffic was possible.

      "It's a laudable goal, but nobody's achieved it, to my knowledge,"
      he said.

      The Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance and the Public
      Works Department are waiting for word from Nelson Nygaard on how
      the transportation management association should be created and

      Rail Corridor Plan owners and renters

      Christine Maley-Grubl, the executive director for the alliance, said
      one question the firm would address is whether property owners and
      tenants within the Rail Corridor Plan would be able to serve on the
      group. She expected to have that information and more by late June.

      She noted that successful traffic management associations exist in
      Pleasanton and Mountain View.

      "The idea here is to establish various ways [...]

      [BATN: See also:

      City of San Mateo Rail Corridor Plan
      http://www.cityofsanmateo.org/dept/planning/rail_corridor/rail_corridor_plan.html ]
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