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Vallejo widening Admiral Callaghan Lane

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  • 8/24 Vallejo Times
    Published Wednesday, August 24, 2005, in the Vallejo Times-Herald Vallejo wants to unclog Callaghan By Chris G. Denina Highway 37 isn t the only Vallejo road
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      Published Wednesday, August 24, 2005, in the Vallejo Times-Herald

      Vallejo wants to unclog Callaghan

      By Chris G. Denina

      Highway 37 isn't the only Vallejo road getting a makeover.

      City officials plan to fix up Admiral Callaghan Lane as well. On
      Tuesday, the City Council approved matters related to improving the
      road from Redwood Parkway to Rotary Way and from Tennessee to Henry

      The changes may not be as dramatic as the new Highway 37 overpass,
      which gives motorists a nonstop path through Vallejo, but travelers
      along a busy section of Admiral Callaghan Lane should get some relief
      from heavy, slow traffic.

      "It gets pretty backed up during rush hour," City Engineer Gary Leach
      said Tuesday before the council meeting.

      The projects are still in the early stages, but construction on the
      stretch near Henry Street could begin as early as next summer, Leach

      That's a relief to Cheryl Garcia of Vallejo. She was doing laundry in
      the Safeway shopping center near Admiral Callaghan Lane and Redwood
      Parkway during Tuesday's evening commute.

      "It's OK, but it's dangerous," Garcia said, noting that the
      intersections and freeway off-ramps on that stretch of Admiral
      Callaghan are poorly laid out.

      From Redwood Parkway to Rotary Way, crews would overhaul the design of
      two intersections where motorists exit the freeway.

      The council OK'd a fee increase for a consulting firm to design such
      fixes as modifying the off-ramps. SNG & Associates Inc. of Pleasanton
      tripled its original estimate to about $75,000.

      "How could we have been so far off?" Councilmember Joanne Schivley
      asked at Tuesday's meeting.

      Caltrans was supposed to help with the project but backed out because
      of a state budget crunch, driving up the costs for the city, said

      About $463,000 is budgeted for the work.

      From Tennessee to Henry streets, workers would repave the cracked
      road. The council approved earmarking about $41,000 in gas taxes to
      match a $315,000 federal grant the city wants to pay for the project.

      Leon Singleton of Vallejo told the council it should extend repairs to
      other areas of Admiral Callaghan Lane, especially closer to Georgia
      Street. "Certain times of night, it's dangerous," Singleton said.

      City officials propose several major changes to Admiral Callaghan Lane
      near Redwood Parkway. Interstate 80 motorists exiting the freeway
      eastbound at Redwood Parkway can only turn right at the bottom of the
      ramp. Plans call for allowing cars to continue north onto Admiral
      Callaghan Lane.

      During busy commute times, traffic often gets clogged at the off-ramp
      to westbound Redwood Street. Plans include making the exit
      right-turn-only and adding a second lane. Officials say that should
      allow cars to directly merge onto Admiral Callaghan lane and ease the

      The road is just too busy, the city's Leach said. In recent years,
      the intersections have become a major access route to the growing
      number of stores and homes in the area. The road needs updating, he

      "There's just too much going on there," Leach said. "We're trying to
      eliminate a lot of that."

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