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Santa Cruz Metro workers to vote on strike today

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  • 7/30 Santa Cruz Sentinel
    Published Saturday, July 30, 2005, in the Santa Cruz Sentinel Metro workers to decide whether to strike today By Genevieve Bookwalter Sentinel Staff Writer
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      Published Saturday, July 30, 2005, in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

      Metro workers to decide whether to strike today

      By Genevieve Bookwalter
      Sentinel Staff Writer

      SANTA CRUZ -- Metro officials presented a group of union employees
      their "last, best and final" contract offer Friday, and that group
      will decide today whether to strike or accept the deal.

      Contracts for 100 members of the Service Employees International
      Union Local 415 expired last month at the Santa Cruz Metropolitan
      Transit District but were extended through Friday.

      That extension ran out at midnight after an all-day session with a
      state-appointed mediator failed to yield a new contract.

      Members will decide in two meetings if they want to accept Metro's
      offer, or vote on a strike.

      "It's up to the employees now," said Gary Klemz, spokesman for
      SEIU's Metro chapter.

      Wage increases and rising health-care costs are two of the biggest
      issues facing negotiators, though neither side would discuss the
      sticking points. SEIU employees last received a raise in 2003, when
      salaries went up 4.25 percent.

      Both sides said Friday's session didn't go as planned.

      "I'm disappointed. I thought that we were within reach of an
      agreement, but obviously that didn't happen," said Metro General
      Manager Les White.

      The SEIU contract covers about 100 district employees, including
      mechanics, administrative staff and supervisors. Salaries range from
      about $27,000 for workers who wash, clean and fuel buses, to $70,720
      for longtime supervisors.

      Metro's nearly 160 bus drivers belong to United Transportation Union
      Local 23. They are in contract negotiations as well, and have a
      mediation session scheduled for Tuesday. That union has said it will
      not cross the picket lines if the SEIU strikes.

      The unions are bargaining with a district carrying a $1.4-million
      deficit. Over the past five years, agency health-care costs have
      increased 112 percent, and diesel costs about 100 percent, White
      said. Meanwhile, the sales tax revenue that pays for many Metro
      services has not rebounded from the economic crash of 2001.

      Metro representatives presented SEIU negotiators with their last and
      final offer about 5:30 p.m. Friday, after starting mediation at 8

      Neither side released details of Metro's offer, saying employees
      needed to learn them first at today's meeting. Klemz declined to say
      if SEIU had decided when members would walk, should they approve a

      "We'll see what the union does tomorrow with their strike vote,"
      Mark Stone, county supervisor and Metro board member, said Friday.
      "It's kind of in their hands now, and what they think they really
      need or not."

      White said he hoped the union would think of riders when planning
      picket lines.

      "I would hope they would give the people who rely on the system
      notice so they can make alternative plans," White said. "But there
      is no assurance."

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