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Caltrain to add 10 more Baby Bullet expresses Monday

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  • 7/28 San Mateo Journal
    Published Thursday, July 28, 2005, in the San Mateo Daily Journal Caltrain to add 10 baby bullets Caltrain is giving birth to 10 new Baby Bullet trains
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      Published Thursday, July 28, 2005, in the San Mateo Daily Journal

      Caltrain to add 10 baby bullets

      Caltrain is giving birth to 10 new Baby Bullet trains beginning
      Monday, Caltrain spokeswoman Janet McGovern announced.

      The addition of 10 Baby Bullet trains and five new Baby Bullet
      station stops is all part of Caltrain's latest effort to attract
      commuters and get back on track from a projected $13.6 million
      shortfall, McGovern said in a statement.

      "Instead of cutting a great service to reduce our deficit, we have
      adjusted to meet the needs of today's commuters. Providing them with
      a shorter commute will give them more time for themselves," Caltrain
      board chair Mike Nevin said in a statement.

      Baby Bullet trains offer express travel service between San Jose and
      San Francisco. The trains are popular with passengers because they
      nearly cut the commute time in half, according to the Caltrain Web

      The 10 new trains will bring Caltrain's total fleet of Baby Bullets
      to 22, McGovern reported.

      Combined with Caltrain's normal service trains, the number of
      weekday trains will be at an all time high of 96, according to

      Baby Bullet trains are scheduled to stop at the San Mateo, Redwood
      City, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, and Tamien stations in addition to
      those already receiving the service, Caltrain reported.

      The new stops are being matched with two new schedule patterns.

      The first pattern has Baby Bullets picking up passengers at the San
      Jose Diridon, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Hillsdale, Millbrae, and
      22nd Street stations before reaching the Fourth Street station in
      San Francisco.

      The second pattern has the train making stops at Tamien, San Jose
      Diridon, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San Mateo, Millbrae, and 22nd
      Street stations before ending at the Fourth Street station in
      San Francisco. However, some stations only receive service
      during "traditional-peak" and "reverse-commute" hours only, Caltrain

      As for local service, trains leaving San Francisco and San Jose
      will make limited stops until they reach Redwood City, according to
      Caltrain. Once the train leaves the Redwood City station, it will
      make local stops for the remainder of the trip.

      But the benefit of faster trips for most commuters comes with a cost
      for some riders.

      According to McGovern, about 4 percent of existing riders will need
      to transfer trains to get to their final destinations as a result of
      the new service patterns.

      Caltrain representatives will be on deck at the Broadway, Redwood
      City, and Atherton stations Aug. 1 to help riders with the
      transfers, McGovern said.

      Service to three stations -- Paul Avenue in San Francisco, Broadway
      in Burlingame and Atherton -- was suspended on weekdays, though
      Caltrain will continue to serve the latter two stations on weekends.

      Free shuttles will take riders between the Broadway and Millbrae
      stations and between Atherton and Redwood City during the weekday
      peak period, with funding provided by the San Mateo County
      Transportation Authority.

      Consequently SamTrans will change 14 bus routes that serve San Mateo
      County Caltrain stations Aug. 1.

      Timetables are available online at www.samtrans.com. Copies of the
      new schedule are available on the trains, at staffed stations, and
      on-line at <http://www.caltrain.com>. Riders can also call 1-800-660-
      4287 to hear the new schedule.
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