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SMCo. BART disaster: We told you so, in 1995

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  • 5/31 SMCo. Times
    Published Tuesday, May 31, 2005, in the San Mateo County Times Comment Longtime BART concerns vindicated By Tom Dempsey In 1995 I served as one of the 19
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      Published Tuesday, May 31, 2005, in the San Mateo County Times


      Longtime BART concerns vindicated

      By Tom Dempsey

      In 1995 I served as one of the 19 citizen members of the San Mateo
      County Civil grand jury. One of the major issues the jury reviewed
      was the extension of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
      extension to San Francisco International Airport and Millbrae.

      In the mid-year report released in November of that year, the 19
      citizens that comprised the jury affirmed their opposition to BART's
      plan, as approved and financially supported by the San Mateo County
      Transit District (SamTrans), to go to SFO as too expensive.

      The jury urged county transit officials to develop a plan to improve
      Caltrain as a more sensible way to enhance the Peninsula's
      transportation system.

      [BATN: For a summary (San Mateo County
      <http://www.sanmateocourt.org/grandjury> does not have this report
      online) see

      At that time, the BART project was estimated to cost about $1.27
      billion with approximately $476 million coming from SamTrans.
      This was in contrast to the estimated $705 million for structural
      improvements and electrification of the Caltrain line, as well as
      extending the line to downtown San Francisco.

      I, and other members of the grand jury, feared that the BART
      extension would never reap the ridership nor the transit benefits
      claimed by its proponents and that the capital outlay would far
      outweigh such an investment.

      Unfortunately, the concerns were not only ignored, but the members
      of the jury were vilified as uninformed and ignorant.

      "They didn't know what they're talking about," county Supervisor
      Mike Nevin said then.

      A decade later, with hindsight as a clear guide for analyzing the
      existing condition of mass transit in San Mateo County, the
      conclusions of the 1995 grand jury have proved to be tragically

      Last year, San Mateo County taxpayers were abruptly informed, via the
      threat of a lawsuit by BART against SamTrans, that the BART extension
      was woefully in debt and ridership was less than half of what was
      promised by its proponents. Worse yet, however, San Mateo County
      taxpayers were responsible for paying for the losses, approximately
      $11 million, due to the compact between BART and SamTrans that
      stipulated that all operating losses for the extension would be paid
      by San Mateo County. The proponents had not only signed on to what
      became a bloated and over-budget capital project, but also allowed
      BART entree into county coffers.

      This deal was made by the very same critics of the grand jury,
      Mr. Nevin and friends. This year, county residents were informed
      through local press accounts that the BART debt is approximately $8
      million, much of which will be taken from SamTrans budget reserves.
      To help ease the future debt, SamTrans officials are proposing the
      weekend closure of the San Bruno and South San Francisco BART

      According to SamTrans General Manager Mike Scanlon, the BART
      extension was supposed to turn a profit, but has failed to do so
      and that failure is forcing the beleaguered transit district "to
      take a serious structural look at the kind of business we're in."

      To help cover the projected losses, local officials last year added a
      $30-million BART subsidy to the renewal plan for San Mateo County's
      Measure A, a 25-year, half-cent sales tax measure. Meanwhile, bus
      service continues to be slashed as a means to compel county residents
      to use the BART system. In addition, bus fares will also be increased
      to help cover the costs of the BART debt.

      To add insult to grievous injury, the Caltrain system is also in a
      state of near free fall. The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
      (JPB) that operates the train line recently eliminated train service
      to the Broadway Avenue Station in Burlingame and the station
      servicing Atherton in order to cope with flat revenues and depleted

      I consider it a great honor to have served my fellow citizens as a
      member of the 1995 jury, but I am dismayed that the effort put forth
      was dismissed with such incredulity despite the plain truth of the
      concerns expressed then and the vindication of those concerns now.
      The tragedy of that vindication, however, is the devastation of our
      local transit systems and the difficulties it has caused to those
      who depend upon those systems.

      Tom Dempsey
      Resident of Portola Valley for over 50 years

      [BATN notes that none of the criminals responsible for the BART-SFO
      fraud have suffered even the slightest career embarrassment, let
      alone any time assisting the mission of the California Correctional
      Peace Officers Association.

      Former MTC executive director Larry Dahms is comfortably retired with
      a full public pension; former SamTrans executive director Gerry Haugh
      is comfortably retired with a full public pension; former MTC
      government affairs liaison -- and chief Bay Bridge replacement and
      replacement "design" fiasco shill -- Steve Heminger has been promoted
      to the executive directorship of MTC; former BART _and_ former
      SamTrans staffer Howard Goode who "negotiated" the disastrous deal
      from both sides of the table is is comfortably retired with a full
      public pension; BART general manager Tom Margro continues to hold his
      well-compensated position while scheming further fiscal black-hole
      extensions to Oakland airport and San Jose; BART deputy General
      Manager Dorothy Dugger continues damage the entire Bay Area's
      regional transportation system by consistent hardball lobbying for
      BART and BART contractors before everybody and everything else;
      former extension manager Takis Salpeas is making trouble for
      Washington Metro extensions; later extension manager Jim Van Epps
      is now building on success working on BART to San Jose; etc etc etc
      etc etc.

      And that's not even mentioning the overtly political figures, none
      of whom lost office or, apparently, lost any face in this whole
      beyond-shameful process.

      All told, the record is one of completely unmitigated record of
      failure and of _negative_ accountability for that failure.

      Meanwhile, those who, with 100% accuracy, predicted the fiasco,
      are denigrated, insulted and ignored by those pushing for the next
      BART extension.

      Wallow in nostalgia at
      etc etc. ]
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