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Letter: Costly new BART Millbrae-SFO link is worthless

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  • 2/1 San Mateo Daily
    Published Tuesday, February 1, 2005, in the San Mateo Daily News Letters to the Editor BART worthless Editor: Back in the good old days, before BART served San
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      Published Tuesday, February 1, 2005, in the San Mateo Daily News

      Letters to the Editor

      BART worthless

      Editor: Back in the good old days, before BART served San Francisco
      International Airport, I used Caltrain and its associated shuttle
      bus in Millbrae to go to SFO.

      The service was great. A bus was waiting for each Caltrain at the
      Millbrae station, and the bus dropped us off conveniently right at
      the passenger terminal.

      Since that time, untold millions (or is it billions?) were spent to
      extend BART to the airport. What is the result?

      The result is that the last time I used Caltrain to go to SFO, I had
      to wait 15 minutes in Millbrae for a BART train to take me to SFO.
      When I got off of BART, I had to wait for yet another train, which
      took me to a location from which I had to drag myself and my luggage
      up an escalator before I could finally check in.

      The BART trip from Millbrae took so long, and was so expensive,
      inconvenient and uncomfortable that I will now only take a car to
      SFO, either my own or a taxi. Compared to the shuttle service that
      Caltrain used to offer, the present BART service to SFO is a
      complete failure.

      I hereby request the reinstatement of shuttle bus service to SFO
      from Millbrae. Only after such reinstatement would I again consider
      taking Caltrain to get to SFO.

      It is nothing less than scandalous that an enormous amount of the
      public money was spent in order to destroy the good service that
      Caltrain used to offer SFO passengers.

      Jeffrey Marque
      Fernwood Street
      San Mateo

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