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VTA boss laughs off "predictable" Grand Jury report

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  • 6/27 Palo Alto Daily
    Published Sunday, June 27, 2004, in the Palo Alto Daily News Negative report called predictable By Jean Whitney Daily News Staff Writer General Director
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      Published Sunday, June 27, 2004, in the Palo Alto Daily News

      Negative report called "predictable"

      By Jean Whitney
      Daily News Staff Writer

      General Director Peter Cipolla of the financially-troubled Valley
      Transportation Authority included a wry cover memo to his board of
      directors with a copy of the damning Santa Clara County Civil Grand
      Jury report released recently.

      The June 18 grand jury report called for the VTA to halt spending
      on a $4.2 billion BART-to-San Jose extension and to revamp what it
      described as sloppy operation of the transportation agency. But
      Cipolla's memo to trustees hinted that there was nothing new in
      the grand jury criticisms.

      "I'm certain you'll find their conclusions both interesting and
      predictable," Cipolla wrote.

      No exception

      "Each year, the Santa Clara County Grand Jury selects VTA as one of
      the organizations they seek to look into. And each year, VTA expends
      a large number of personnel hours responding to their questions,
      providing them with tours of our facilities and projects explaining
      the complexities of both. Each year, (the grand jury) concludes this
      process with a seemingly negative report about VTA. Their 2004 report
      is no exception."

      Must respond

      The VTA is required under state law to respond to the report within
      60 days. A Civil Grand Jury is a group of 19 county residents
      appointed yearly by Superior Court judges to investigate government
      operations. State law created the civil grand jury system a century

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