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32801Letter: Carless living way to go; how to encourage less driving

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  • 11/10 Mountain View Voice
    Nov 10, 2006
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      Published Friday, November 10, 2006, by the Mountain View Voice

      Living carless the way to go

      Letters to the Editor

      I enjoyed reading the article covering a carless Mountain View
      family (<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BATN/message/32678>
      "Carless -- and doing fine," Oct. 27).

      Like them, I have also discovered the benefits of walking, biking,
      and taking public transportation to work and shopping: fresh air,
      exercise, and a slower pace of life. There are three ways that
      Mountain View could encourage less driving.

      1. Increase housing density. Mountain View currently has more jobs
      than housing. People will drive less if they live close to work and

      2. Charge for parking in downtown. This will encourage people to
      find other ways to visit downtown. Furthermore, the eventual reduced
      demand for parking lots will free up land to be used for more
      housing and shops in downtown.

      3. Close off downtown from auto traffic once a month. One great
      thing about the annual Art and Wine Festival is being able to stroll
      down the middle of Castro Street. This would increase foot traffic
      along downtown shops and encourage a community-oriented atmosphere.

      Having cleaner, less smoggy air and residents who are refreshed from
      a relaxed commute will make Mountain View a better place to live.
      One day the carless family depicted in the article will no longer be
      in the minority.

      Xinh Huynh
      E. Middlefield Road