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We need to talk about WARTRON Greetings! As you may know, Team Snout is running a full-weekend, driving-around puzzle hunt ("The Game") in Portland, Oregon this August. In the spirit of
Curtis C. Chen
Mar 20, 2012
Re: Puzzle hunt puzzles (continued discussion) On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 3:32 PM, Dan Egnor wrote: [...] ... "That's what SHE said." Sorry, it had to be done. :) Cheers, ~CKL
Curtis C. Chen
Feb 8, 2012
Re: BANG Announcement Expiration? Just to chime in since our name came up as well. XX isn't "waiting" on 27 per se. We are actively working on BANG XXX, but due to jobs and children and life in
Feb 8, 2012
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Re: Puzzle hunt puzzles (continued discussion) ... Holy crap, that is precisely my order of preference B
Brett Rogers
Feb 8, 2012
Re: Puzzle hunt puzzles (continued discussion) ... Oh yeah, defining characteristics for sure. But it's the type of concept that has fuzzy edges. I'm all in favor of exploring the edges, as long as we're
Dan Egnor
Feb 8, 2012
Re: Puzzle hunt puzzles (continued discussion) So, uh, let me try to summarize your three defining characterstics of a puzzle: 1. Has an "aha" to at least one solver; 2. Has some sort of transformation;
Wei-Hwa Huang
Feb 8, 2012
Puzzle hunt puzzles (continued discussion) ... That's fair, though I kindly disagree (see the end of this post). But even genres have defining characteristics: Science fiction normally has some sort
Feb 8, 2012
Re: BANG Announcement Expiration? Hi all, Yeah we've gotten that sort of ping a few times, and I'd say we are not "actively working on it, but still feeling like we should/talking about it when
Megan Wachs
Nov 15, 2011
Re: BANG Announcement Expiration? I hope nobody feels obliged to wait until previous BANGs run before they actually run theirs. Certainly the last few have been out of order. I think XX put
Dan Egnor
Nov 15, 2011
BANG Announcement Expiration? Might it not be a good idea to have some sort of expiration time (six months?) for BANGs listed on the website as upcoming, just in case someone else wants to
Nov 15, 2011
Re: Using past puzzles On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 3:06 PM, anirudh_dhurka ... "Allowed" has an implicit but undefined entity. Who is doing the allowing? Puzzle ideas are generally not
Wei-Hwa Huang
May 27, 2011
Re: Using past puzzles I would say your best bet would be to try to track down the person who wrote the puzzle and ask them directly- or at least contact someone on the team that ran
Greg deBeer
May 27, 2011
Re: Using past puzzles If you're going to use a puzzle as is, I would ask permission from the team that wrote it. If you're going to modify one... depends on how much you change it,
Jan Chong
May 27, 2011
Using past puzzles Hello everyone, I along with some colleagues are planning a small puzzle hunt at work. I was wondering if it is allowed to take ideas from past BANGs and other
May 27, 2011
Re: BANG entry system that encourages more future games I like your idea, Kai. One additional item that you may want to consider giving some credit for is volunteering to help a GC staff on game-day. Volunteering is
Apr 19, 2011
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Re: [baybang] IDEA: lottery system for BANGs [moving to bangtalk] ... Just to set the record straight: We originally planned for one weekend, so we took our first 30 registrations for that weekend. Our
Dan Egnor
Apr 18, 2011
BANG entry system that encourages more future games Rather than having a random lottery, or having an application process that may not be fun for puzzle enthusiasts since it doesn't actually involve writing or
Kai Huang
Apr 18, 2011
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