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Re: Norfolk Meeting

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  • Steve Karg
    Hello BACnet Lighting Working Group! We met at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base in Norfolk, VA, from 8am-noon on Monday, September 26, 2005. Here are the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2005
      Hello BACnet Lighting Working Group!

      We met at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base in Norfolk, VA, from
      8am-noon on Monday, September 26, 2005. Here are the minutes from the

      Best Regards,

      Steve Karg
      Lithonia Lighting

      BACnet - Lighting Applications Working Group
      Meeting Minutes
      Norfolk, Virginia

      Participants - Affiliation
      Steve Karg - Lithonia Lighting
      Robert Hick - Leviton Lighting
      David Fisher - Polarsoft
      Steve Treado - NIST
      Steve Jurasek - Applied Control Specialists
      Dick Chipchak - Applied Control Specialists

      The meeting was called to order at 8:30am. A timekeeper (Steve
      Treado) and a scribe (Robert Hick) were assigned. Dick Chipchak was
      volunteered to track the non-agenda items. The previous meeting
      minutes were reviewed and approved. The meeting agenda was reviewed .
      Steve Karg noted that he added "A color property in the Lighting
      Output Object" to the agenda. Agenda was approved as ammended.

      Liason Reports
      Robert Hick reported on NEMA DALI activity:

      NEMA Joint Sections Committee on DALI has received several comments
      back on NEMA 243 DALI Protocol and is currently discussing and
      integrating changes into the document.

      The NEMA Lighting Controls Section is meeting 9/28 . One item on the
      agenda will be to approve funding for the Verification and
      Demonstration of DALI 243. It is expected to pass and has strong
      support from the controls and ballast communities.

      Initial response indicates COMEX Project Team members may not
      integrate NEMA 243 into IEC 62386. NEMA is expected to continue to
      promote NEMA 243 for US and North America.

      Robert also noted that Zigbee is now showing up in commercial ballasts
      and control devices as a wireless protocol.

      LA-WG proposal discussion:

      DMF032-4/5 WriteGroup Service

      David Fisher described changes he had made to this proposal,

      Corrected title.
      Added GroupChannelGeneralValue to encompass additional data types if
      desired and still preserve the simplicity and efficiency of the
      smaller data types. Null value is relinquish.
      Add optional property for Transition Time.

      It was moved that this proposal be sent up to the SSPC for
      consideration, the motion was carried. A brief discussion ensued about
      the status of the other proposals, it was noted that most were on the
      docket for the next SSPC meeting.

      Room Combining

      Robert Hick presented a paper describing room combining and examples
      for using the newly proposed WriteGroup and WriteGroupMode services.

      David asked if BACnet devices needed to have visibility to the
      contents of a "preset". It was decided to hold this
      discussion until

      A discussion about dynamic group membership and means to accomplish it
      It was decided that a property should be added to the control group
      object to read and write the group membership. It was decided that
      and array would be the best choice.

      David Fisher agreed to try to make these revisions to both DMF-30 and
      DMF-32 prior to the SSPC meeting discussion.

      A color property in the Lighting Output Object

      Steve Karg presented a case whereby there was a need to add color
      control to the light object. Steve's example was a fixture with a
      variable color ring.

      Steve presented information on how color control is done on PC's.
      Three 8bit values representing Red, Green, and Blue, appeared to be
      the most popular system. It was suggested the we incorporate an RGB
      value property into the light object proposal DMF-011. It was decided
      that luminescence remain a separate property.

      A discussion ensued concerning the meaning of RGB and how it relates
      to chromaticity, it was decided that this should be a local matter.

      A motion was made and seconded to add this property to the Lighting
      Object. Motion was carried. David Fisher will add this to the
      Lighting Output Object.

      Visibility of members of a preset.

      A discussion ensued concerning whether BACnet should have visibility
      of lighting preset contents. It was decided that the WriteGroupMode
      service provided a simple "mode" number to select a preset,
      further defining mode to be a preset with specific contents may harm
      the flexibility of this service for non-lighting applications.

      Next meeting
      It was decided that the LAWG had submitted proposed solutions to
      BACnet lighing requirements and no new issues have been discovered. A
      future meeting would be held only if new issues were identified or
      further work on current proposal was needed. Tentative date for next
      meeting opportunity would be January 14-18 in Chicago. More details
      will be posted to the mailing list by Steve Karg as they become

      Submitted by Robert Hick with edits by Steve Karg.
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