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Re: Meeting in Denver, Colorado

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  • Steve Karg
    Hi Lighting Applications Working Group! I have produced a draft of the meeting minutes from our last meeting at the Adam s Mark Hotel in Denver, Colorado, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2005
      Hi Lighting Applications Working Group!

      I have produced a draft of the meeting minutes from our last meeting
      at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Denver, Colorado, and converted it to
      text so I can post it here. The DOC version LA016.DOC will go into
      the SSPC folder for our working group. Let me know about any errors or

      Best Regards,


      BACnet - Lighting Applications Working Group
      Meeting Minutes
      25 June 2005
      Denver, Colorado


      Participants - Affiliation
      Steve Karg - Lithonia Lighting
      Robert Hick - Leviton Lighting
      David Fisher - Polarsoft
      Craig Spangler - Square D
      Steve Treado - NIST
      David White - Tour Andover Controls
      Rene Quirighetti - Siemens
      Randy Shaull - KMC Controls

      The meeting was called to order at 1pm. A timekeeper (David White)
      and a scribe (Robert Hick) were assigned. Steve Treado was volunteered
      to track the non-agenda items. The previous meeting minutes were
      reviewed and approved. The meeting agenda was reviewed and approved.

      Liason Reports
      Robert Hick reported on NEMA DALI activity:

      Representatives from the NEMA Joint Sections Committee on DALI
      attended the COMEX Project Team meeting on DALI in Frankfurt May
      11-12, 2005. The NEMA 243 DALI protocol was presented and warmly
      received by the PT and NEMA was welcomed as a contributing member. It
      was felt that much of the NEMA work would be usable for Part 3 of IEC
      62386: Particular requirements for control devices. NEMA is now
      working with IEC on section 3-2 ( Arc Power Control: Switching
      Dimming, etc)

      NEMA 243 version 1.17 is out for comment, a copy was distributed.
      Nema has also been negotiating with Freescale Semiconductor to look at
      prototyping a stack and simulation of control devices.

      LA-WG proposal discussion

      DMF030-4/5 WriteGroupMode Service

      David Fisher presented this new revision to his original proposal as a
      partial solution to the requirement in lighting systems to change a
      large number of values quickly.

      Primary changes were to the WriteGroupAck service:
      Broadcast now changed to Unicast.
      A failure code was added if the write could not be completed.

      A later discussion suggested that the the Supported_Modes property of
      the ControlGroup object be changed to an Array instead of a list.
      David made revisions to -4 and produce a -5 version.

      A motion was made that this proposal be sent on to SSPC for general
      discussion and public review. Motion was passed with no opposing.

      DMF032-4/5 WriteGroup Service

      David Fisher described his proposal for a solution to the "Speed of
      lighting control on the wire" issue, as discussed at previous

      The proposal utilizes the concept of "channels", similar to the way
      lighting elements are traditionally addressed with protocols such as
      DMX-512. Devices may assign (through a mechanism that is a local
      matter) a membership in a channel to particular destination properties
      or internal values. When a channel is written with a value, those
      destinations take on the new value at the same time. A new WriteGroup
      service is defined to write a list of channels with respective values
      (8 or 16 bit data types).

      Questions were raised concerning additional data types. It was
      decided that this may be desirable in non-lighting applications and
      easily implemented, but may add complication and reduced efficiency.
      It was decided to currently leave this as-is and see if there is a
      non-lighting interest in changing this.

      A request to add "Fade-Time" (transition time) would be of great
      benefit to lighting applications. David will revise his proposal

      A motion was passed that this proposal be sent on to SSPC for comments
      after David makes the revision noted.

      Room Combining

      A discussion ensued of the requirements in light control for room
      combining. The issue may be thought of in two parts:
      Overall control and status of whether or not a room is joined with
      another in respect to BACnet.
      Mechanics of how the lighting control system may utilize BACnet to
      perform the functions required when rooms are joined.

      David suggested using the "group" parameter of the WriteGroup and
      WriteGroupMode services proposed earlier to perform the operations
      required when rooms are joined with one another. In this case the
      "group" would represent a room. The target device would change group
      memberships depending on the status of room joins.

      It was decided that the lighting manufacturers represented would bring
      examples of room joins scenarios and suggestions on implementing the
      scenarios with current proposed BACnet objects and services. Steve,
      Robert, and Craig agreed to present this at the next meeting.

      Next meeting
      It was decided that a future interim meeting would be held with the
      other BACnet working groups during the week of Sept. 26 in Norfolk,
      Virginia. More details will be posted to the mailing list by Steve
      Karg as they become available.
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