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Re: [BACnetLighting] October Working Group meeting minutes

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  • Steven T. Bushby
    Steve, Your draft minutes note a problem circulating documents to WG members. We maintain an SSPC ftp site just to avoid this kind of problem. I don t have any
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 14, 2003
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      Your draft minutes note a problem circulating documents to WG members. We maintain an SSPC ftp site just to avoid this kind of problem. I don't have any objection to using the features of Yahoo Groups but we need to maintain documents on the SSPC site so that people outside the working group can also access them. Any working group member having trouble with Yahoo can use the SSPC site. If any of the newer members of your working group do no know about this site, it can be accessed at <ftp://sspc:135@...>. From a stand alone ftp client the user ID is "sspc", the password is "135" and the host is "ftp.BACnet.org"

      Please check the official document status register, the Proposed Changes folder, and the Lighting Applications folder to be sure they are up-to-date. If they are not please let me know. It looks like you guys had a productive meeting.


      Steve Bushby

      At 09:44 PM 10/10/2003 +0000, you wrote:
      Hi Lighting Applications working group,

      I have produced a draft of the meeting minutes, and converted it to
      text so I can post it here.  The DOC version LA010.DOC will go into
      the SSPC folder for our working group.  Let me know about any error or




      BACnet - Lighting Applications Working Group
      Meeting Minutes
      October 8, 2003
      Cincinnati, Ohio


      Participants - Affiliation
      David Ritter - Delta Controls
      Steve Karg - Lithonia Lighting
      Steve Treado - NIST
      Robert Hick - Leviton Lighting
      Jon Williamson - Andover Controls
      Drew Reid - Square D / Schneider
      Tony Icenhour - Field Server Technologies
      William Sandoval - Lutron Electronics
      Bill Swan - Alerton
      Stuart Donaldson - Alerton
      Brian Stowell - Alerton
      Dave Robin - Automated Logic

      We reviewed the Multiplexer Object proposal (STK-004) that had been
      sent to SSPC 135.  Dave Robin proposed that some text be added to the
      introduction of the object that states that "This is a message
      distribution object that does not maintain a state.  Therefore, it
      does not act on its own, and does not contain a priority array."  The
      status of each write was discussed, and it was proposed that Carl
      Neilson's suggestion of using the Reliability property from the Global
      Group object (STB-004) be used instead of All_Writes_Successful since
      it provided much more information that would be useful for real-world
      applications.  Discussion ensued about getting the status of each
      write, and the group proposed to add a List of Write_Access_Results as
      a required property.  This list would contain a write status  and an
      optional error, reject, or abort code for each object property in the
      list for writing.  The Present_Value description text was questioned,
      and it was decided to remove the ambiguous text about getting the
      value from each object in the list, and to clarify that the value was
      the last value written, or NULL.  The In_Process property was
      discussed as being to vague, and a new property Write_Status, an
      enumeration, should be added which contains in_process, successful, or
      failed.  Since the network error codes are in a new proposal, it needs
      to be mentioned in the introduction to this object.  Bill Swan asked
      about writing to different data types, and a question was raised about
      writing a NULL to a non-commandable point.  Stuart Donaldson asked
      about the need for a priority array for clients that need to see a
      priority array in order to write using a priority.  This issues was
      not resolved.   Steve Karg to revise STK-004 and submit to our working

      The white paper DAR-001-1.DOC, "Modeling Remotely Operable Circuit
      Breakers in BACnet," was discussed by the group.  Drew Reid explained
      the purpose of the document, and questions were raised about where
      white paper documents would reside in the standard.  Steve Karg
      proposed that the Device_Type property suggestion also include
      describing the type of output, such as Normally Open, Normally Closed,
      Inteliswitch, Momentary On, Momentary Off, Sweep Relay, and that this
      could possible be used for programming the type of output given the
      specific vendor details.  Steve Karg to ask the SSPC what to do with
      this kind of document.

      We discussed the BACnet Schedule Object deficiency of not being able
      to configure a dawn or dusk value that dynamically changes on a daily
      basis.  Jon Williamson shared his proposal of a Date-Time Object.  It
      will handle a calculated time-date value.  In order to make use of
      this object, the Schedule object would need to reference this object
      instead of using an absolute time, and concern was raised about the
      likelihood of getting a major change like that through the committee.
       Dave Robin proposed a Relative Schedule object that would use this
      Date-Time object.  Dave Ritter mentioned that the Security and Access
      Control working group is also working on a Date-Time object, and
      suggested collaboration.  Dave Robin will research and propose a
      Relative Schedule object.  Jon Williamson will continue to refine the
      Date-Time object, propose Schedule object changes, and liaison with
      the Security and Access Control working group.

      The proposal STK-011-2.DOC, "Warning Blink for Lighting," was not

      The proposal STK-001-2-draft.DOC, "Lighting Output object.," was not

      The Tridonic.Atco "Extended DALI for Control" interface specification
      was not discussed.

      The documents for this meeting were not well disseminated, and it was
      suggested that they be placed into the Yahoo Groups files for this
      working group.  We also noted that the list server was not sending
      along files or html messages for those who receive the list in digest
      form.  Steve Karg to upload the documents to BACnetLighting Yahoo
      Groups file area.

      We discussed future meetings and agreed to meet at the SSPC meetings
      in Anaheim, California, held January 24-28, 2004.  The most likely
      date will be January 25.  Meanwhile, the work should be posted to the
      YahooGroups site for this working group, and discussion will occur on
      the YahooGroups list for this working group.

      Respectfully Submitted,

      Steve Karg
      Lithonia Lighting

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