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FW: News From FloLight: Fight For Your Right To Light

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  • David Fisher
    From: FloLight [mailto:partners@newbay-media.com] Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 4:03 PM To: dfisher@gopolar.com Subject: News From FloLight: Fight For Your
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      News From FloLight: Fight For Your Right To Light!


      From: FloLight [mailto:partners@...]
      Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 4:03 PM
      To: dfisher@...
      Subject: News From FloLight: Fight For Your Right To Light


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      FloLight News

      Litepanels' Attempt To Monopolize The LED Market

      Litepanels Threatens To Monopolize ALL LED Video Lights

      Over the last few years, LED manufacturer Litepanels has sued a number of small LED manufacturers for patent infringement. According to a series of very broad and vague patents Litepanels possess, LED lighting for any image capture whatsoever is in violation of their patents and this includes all video, film and photo applications. The patents are so broad and vague that they could include security cameras, cell phones and manufacturing machine control—virtually any time an LED lights an object with "Proper Illumination".

      A website was started to help spread the word about the ramifications of Litepanels' actions when the courts called for the public to voice their opinions: PatentFreeLED.com

      The catch is that the window is very small; you only have until October 15th to submit.


      Don't Take Our Word For It

      Don't Take Our Word for It

      This whole situation may sound like an unbelievable tale, but unfortunately it is not. It's happening right now and very fast. You can educate yourself by visiting PatentFreeLED.com as all documents pertaining to the case are there. You can find them all at


      There's also been quite a few other people who have sounded off on the issue and its consequences. You can find these at PatentFreeLED.com/what-people-are-saying


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      Follow PatentFreeLED.com On Facebook & Twitter

      Follow PatentFreeLED.com On Facebook & Twitter

      Besides their website, PatentFreeLED.com is also on Facebook and Twitter:

      Facebook: facebook.com/PatentFreeLED

      Twitter: @patentfreeled

      The Effects Of Litepanels' Exclusion Order

      Should Litepanels succeed in their attempts to take over the LED market, it will not just effect photography and videography. Due to their broad scope, the patents claim dominion over video lighting for image capture. This includes:

      • Law Enforcement
      • Schools
      • Places Of Worship
      • Medicine
      • Military

      Beyond that, it hurts resellers, as Litepanels will be the only source of LED lighting, a position they are not equipped to deal with. This in turn affects the consumer, who is forced to pay whatever Litepanels wishes, and put up with their limited range and quality of product.

      You can find out more at PatentFreeLED.com


      Join the Fight!

      Join the Fight

      If you are ready to take action and insure your rights to purchase any LED light from any manufacturer you choose, you must do it now as We only have until Friday, October 13, 2012 to stop Litepanels.

      1. Write a response to the court: We are now in a period where the public can submit their views to the ITC on why Litepanels should not be granted an exclusion order banning video lights for video, film and photography production. These submissions must be sent in by October 13. We have made this process easy, simply go to patenfreeLED.com to find out how.
      2. Sign the petition: The fastest way is to sign the petition to stop the issuance of a general exclusion order.
      3. Talk to others: We understand that confidentiality is a concern for some, but if you are free to speak, we encourage you to do so. You can do this by leaving comments on the blog or by liking the PatentFreeLED Facebook page and twitter.

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