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FW: BACnet LAWG Laison report

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  • Leinen, Rick
    ________________________________ From: Hick, Robert Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 3:45 PM To: Leinen, Rick Subject: BACnet LAWG Laison report Lighting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2011
      From: Hick, Robert
      Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 3:45 PM
      To: Leinen, Rick
      Subject: BACnet LAWG Laison report

      Lighting Protocol related activities

      LC Section

      1. Abandoned NEMA 243 “DALI” standard and continues to support IEC62386 DALI (see below)
      2. Supporting work in IEC to standardize “Digital load line transmission lighting interface” DLT (see below)

      SSL Section

      1. Release of Standards Publication No. SSL-6 SOLID STATE LIGHTING FOR INCANDESCENT REPLACEMENT—DIMMING. This standard describes parameters associated with phase-cut dimming of LED lamps using installed base of incandescent dimmers.
      2. Considering new improved standards for 0-10V dimming of LED’s
      3. Considering standards for a phase-cut dimming interface to include a new dimmer and LED lamp with improved performance and compatibility over SSL6.

      HPBC (High Performance Building Council.)

      1. Mirror committee to SPC201P – Facility data model.
      2. Starting taskforce on “Best practices for integrating building systems” (previously known as “Barriers to total building integration”). Paper discussing issues and practices for integration of Lighting, HVAC, IT and other systems. Looking for tf volunteers from all related industries – can be non-NEMA. Contact Robert Hick

      IEC activities

      1. IEC62386-103 DALI control device basic requirements

      This Standard is near completion and defines the bus access requirements for a multi-master control device.
      Message frames other than standard 19 bit (16 bits + start and 2 stop bits) allowed.
      5 priorities for network messages.
      Collision detection and avoidance.

      1. IEC62386-104 DALI control device advanced requirements

      This standard defines functionality of control devices and is still in draft form.

      1. IEC PT DTL

      An IEC “Project Team” has been approved to create a standard for “Digital Load Line Transmission Lighting Interface” (“DLT”) protocol as proposed by Osram and Insta. A “New Work Proposal” (NP) has also been published. This standard will define a method to modulate the supply voltage to the lighting load with 2 bi-phase bits per AC half cycle. Telegrams include lighting level, color, color temperature, and manufacturer specific messages. Four zones of lighting control will be possible. Primarily targeted at self-contained CFL and LED lamps. Two meetings have been completed and next meeting is in October. Expected completion is Q4 2012. Chaired by Robert Hick.

      Robert Hick
      Vice President Engineering

      Lighting and Energy Solutions
      Leviton Manufacturing

      T: +1 503 404 5500
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