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Antwort: [BACnetLighting] Blink Warn Enable

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  • Christoph Zeller
    Hi folks, does anyone has an updated copy (newer than the May 17th edition?) My feeling about disabling the functionality should be: If Blink_Warn_Enable is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2011
      Hi folks,
      does anyone has an updated copy (newer than the May 17th edition?)

      My feeling about disabling the functionality should be:
      If Blink_Warn_Enable is FALSE:
      The whole functionality will vanish. Thus no warn notification, no egress time. Any attempt to do a warning will be ignored and the command executed as if the egress time would have been 0.

      If the Blink_Warn_Enable is disabled while an egress timer is active, from an application point of view my feeling is I don't care.
      From a specification point of view, my feeling is to immediatley cancel the ongoing egress time and doing the follow up functionality.

      A more interesting question is whether it would be ok to allow read only Blink_Warn_Enables when they are FALSE (depending on the type of lamp, they might be needed to be off).
      Regards Christoph

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      After going through the latest PPR5 draft today it occurred to me that we have no way to disable a blink warn from executing. You may want to do this for a variety of reasons – perhaps the type of light doesn’t allow blinking or perhaps we are in a situation where we don’t want it to blink.
      For this reason I have added back in the Blink_Warn_Enable property (slight name change). The question I have is what does this property do?
      1.       Just cancels the blink warn notification:  When you send a WARN_RELINQUISH or WARN_OFF command the egress timer is started and the commands function as normal. This would essentially cancel the effect of the WARN command as it doesn’t have an egress time.
      2.       Cancels the blink warn notification and the egress timer: In this case any of the warn commands are cancelled when written and there is no effect.
      3.       Cancels the blink warn and expires the egress timer immediately: In this case the effect of the WARN_RELINQUISH and WARN_OFF command would be applied immediately.
      Personally I would go for #1 as it is the most simple to explain and implement.

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