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Re: Meeting in New York City

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  • Steve Karg
    Hi Lighting Applications Working Group! Here are the meeting minutes from our last meeting. The meeting minutes have also been submitted to the BACnet
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 18, 2008
      Hi Lighting Applications Working Group!

      Here are the meeting minutes from our last meeting. The meeting
      minutes have also been submitted to the BACnet committee chair as

      Best Regards,

      Steve Karg

      BACnet - Lighting Applications Working Group
      Meeting Minutes
      January 20, 2008
      Hilton, H/Concourse F (C)
      New York, New York

      1.Opening remarks – by Steve Karg (8:00AM)
      2.Circulation of attendance sheet, and introduction of those present
      Name - Affiliation
      David Fisher - Polarsoft
      Coleman Brumley - Polarsoft
      Steve Karg - The Watt Stopper
      Robert Hick - Leviton
      Bob Johnson - Siemens Building Technology
      Dana Peterson - Johnson Controls
      Steve Treado - N.I.S.T.
      Chris Chapman - Trend Control Systems
      Christoph Zeller - Sauter
      Rene Quirighetti - Siemens
      David Ritter - Delta Controls
      Grant Wichenko - Appin
      Stephen Samojhos - M.I.T.

      3.Meeting role assignments
      time keeper - David Fisher
      scribe - Robert Hick
      non-agenda item attendant - Christoph
      4.Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting.
      5.Discussion and approval of the agenda for this meeting.
      6.Liaison updates (NEMA, IESNA, DALI)

      Robert Hick reported on progress of NEMA 243 DALI protocol standard
      and harmonization with IEC 602386 DALI protocol standard. Hope was to
      have a final draft for IEC voting by summer.

      7.Status of SSPC-135-2004 Addendum i PPR2
      The draft of SSPC-135-2004 Addendum i PPR2 was submitted to SSPC 135.
      It contains 2 unresolved comments. [post meeting edit: the two
      comments were resolved in the SSPC 135 meeting on Monday. The
      document was voted out for publication public review on Monday.].

      8.LA-WG proposal discussion / resolution via consensus

      DMF-047-1 - Theatrical Lighting Object
      David Fisher presented DMF-047-1 and a discussion ensued.

      Several points were debated:

      Separate Color Object.
      Color control has long been a part of entertainment lighting. It also
      was noted that color control is starting to be used for architectural
      lighting fixtures for both colored accent lighting and changing color
      temperature of white light sources such as LED's. Should BACnet lean
      toward addressing the architectural uses over the entertainment uses?
      It was noted that the Life Safety and Security working group had a
      multimedia control object that included x, y, pan, tilt, and zoom
      control for use with a security camera. Should there be a separate
      Color object? Can both a Color Object and LO be used to control the
      same light source? Should color properties be added to Light Object?

      How to best define color?
      It was noted that there were several ways to define color.
      RGB values – used in computers and entertainment lighting.
      CIE xy coordinates – Precise color, used to define LED's
      Color Temperature Tc– Used to define white light
      It was suggested that RGB is best for entertainment lighting devices
      while XY and Tc may be the best way to describe architectural color.
      The devices accuracy in attaining the desired color may be a local

      Robert Hick suggested that the IEC has done some very good work on
      defining control of color changing light sources and planned to
      distribute some of the drafts to Lighting Applications working group

      David agreed to review the information and make revisions to DMF-047
      for the next meeting.

      Discuss Addendum H clause H.X "Using BACnet with DALI"
      Robert noted that he discussed this with IEC DALI committee and they
      agreed to provide input. Robert agreed to continue working towards
      providing a draft later in the year.

      Review of Lighting Output white paper
      David Fisher drafted a white paper discussing BACnet lighting
      applications. The draft was reviewed by several committee members.

      9.Discussion of Non-Agenda Items
      10.Schedule for future meetings.
      The group plans to meet at the next SSPC meeting in Germantown in
      April, 2008. The date and time of the meeting will be determined at a
      later date.

      Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Robert Hick. Edits by Steve Karg.
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