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98Feedback DMF-011

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  • Joerg Broeker
    Aug 8, 2006
      Hi all,

      I know this might be late in coming, but I got some feedback regarding the proposal for the BACnet Lighting Object (DMF-011-9).

      I am currently implementing a BACnet/DALI gateway and for this purpose the BACnet Lighting Object would come handy. However, there are some details, which I think could be improved:

      - Why do you specify the Fade_Time property to be of type Unsigned, not REAL? To map the Lighting Object to a DALI ballast the type should be REAL to reflect all the possible values (0.707, 1.0, 1.414, ...)
      - Further, I would suggest the following optional properties: Power_On_Value (REAL) and System_Failure_Value (REAL), which should be equivalent to the DALI registers "POWER ON LEVEL" and "SYSTEM FAILURE LEVEL" respectively.
      - In addition to the Blink feature I would also suggest the following optional features:
      o Auto_Off_Delay (REAL, seconds) Auto_Off_Priority (Unsigned): If Auto_Off_Delay is set to a value greater 0, any Present_Value written at a priority equal or lower than Auto_Off_Priority automatically relinquishes after Auto_Off_Delay seconds. This feature is used for staircase lighting (at least in Europe).
      o On_Delay (REAL, seconds) Off_Delay (REAL, seconds): If the Present_Value is changed from 0 to some value greater than zero or vice versa the dim action is delayed for the time given in these properties.
      - A Dim_Mode property ("Ramp" or "Fade") could select the dim mode used when the value is changed via the Present_Value property. This would allow controller with no specific support for the Lighting Object to control it like a simple Analog Output object.
      - Last not least I would suggest a way to configure the DALI groups via some BACnet property. This would allow to (re-)configure the DALI network from the BACnet operating workstation

      Again, sorry for joining the process that late (I am sure you have discussed at least some of the points mentioned here). Nevertheless, I hope I can give some valuable feedback.

      If some of you are not familiar with the DALI protocol see http://www.dali-ag.org/.

      BTW, are there any plans for a BACnet Constant Light Controller object?

      Best regards,


      Joerg Broeker
      LOYTEC electronics GmbH
      Stolzenthalergasse 24/3
      A-1080 Wien
      Phone: +43-1-4020805-16
      FAX: +43-1-4020805-99

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