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96Re: [BACnetLighting] No Meeting for LA-WG in Quebec

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  • Steve Karg
    Jul 6, 2006
      Hi BACnet Lighting Applications working group!

      Although our LA-WG did not meet in Quebec, the SSPC-135 committee did
      take up DMF-011, the Lighting Output object on Saturday. David Fisher
      and I worked all afternoon on Sunday revising it based on the debate and
      discussion, and it was presented again to the SSPC-135 committte on
      Monday. On Monday, DMF-011 was debated, and there were a few additional
      items that needed changing. David Fisher made the changes during the
      meeting, but the Monday meeting ended without a chance for the SSPC-135
      committee to review it again. However, the general consensus was that
      if the changes looked good, it would be voted out for Public Review.

      The current plan is to submit DMF-011 to the SSPC-135 committee for
      review and then have the voting members vote via e-mail.

      Best Regards,

      Steve Karg
      Lithonia Lighting
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