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93No Meeting for LA-WG in Quebec

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  • Steve Karg
    Jun 5, 2006
      Hi BACnet Lighting Applications working group!

      The BACnet Lighting Applications working group is NOT scheduled to meet
      in Quebec City, Quebec, during the SSPC-135 BACnet meetings on June
      22-26, 2006. We have completed all the work necessary up to this point,
      and should only have residual tasks as our proposals work their way
      through the SSPC-135 BACnet Committee.

      DMF-011 Lighting Output Object, DMF-019 Blink Properties of Binary
      Objects, STK-015 Tripped Breaker Status, and DMF-028 Reference Times are
      still awaiting SSPC-135 discussion.

      STK-004 Multiplexor Object, DMF-030 Write Group Mode Service, and
      DMF-032 Write Group Service were discussed at the SSPC meeting in
      Germantown, but no consensus was reached. More discussion is planned in

      You are welcome to come and participate in the SSPC-135 BACnet Committee
      and the working groups.

      The meeting schedule is as follows. All meeting rooms are in the Quebec
      Hilton (H) or the Quebec Convention Center (CC). Check the ASHRAE
      meeting schedule for any last minute room changes.

      Date Time Committee Room
      ---- ---- --------- ----
      Thursday, June 22
      8 AM – 5 PM LSS-WG H/Sillary (1)

      Friday, June 23
      8 AM – 1PM AP-WG CC/304A (3)
      8 AM – 11AM NS-WG CC/303A (3)
      11 AM – 12:30 PM WN-WG CC/303A (3)
      12:30 PM – 2 PM MSTP-WG CC/303A (3)

      Saturday, June 24
      8 AM – 5 PM SSPC 135 H/Villeray (LL)
      6:30? PM Group Dinner TBD

      Sunday, June 25
      8 AM – 11 AM AP-WG CC/304B (3)
      2 PM – 3 PM UI-WG CC/304B (3)
      8 AM – 11 AM OS-WG CC/2105 (2)
      Noon – 2 PM IP-WG CC/2105 (2)
      2 PM – 5 PM XML-WG CC/2105 (2)

      Monday, June 26
      8 AM – 12 N SSPC 135 CC/303A (3)

      I will be attending working group and SSPC meetings. Bill Swan is
      working to arrange a group dinner on Saturday evening; please let him
      know if you will be attending so he can get a preliminary head count:

      More information about the meeting location can be found at
      <http://ashrae.org/> under meetings.

      Best Regards,

      Steve Karg
      Lithonia Lighting
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