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8Cincinnati Meeting Agenda

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  • Karg, Steve
    Jun 12, 2001
      Hi Lighting Group!

      The 2001 ASHRAE Annual Meeting is being held in Cincinnati, June 23-27,
      2001. The Lighting Applications working group has been given some time to
      meet on Saturday, June 23, 1-5 PM - Millennium (formerly Regal Hotel. Hotel
      changed names in April)/Colonnade B room. We could meet at other times as
      well, but there may not be any rooms available.

      Agenda (also attached as a MS Word document):

      Lighting Applications Working Group
      ASHRAE Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio
      Saturday, June 23
      1. Opening remarks (1:05 p.m.)
      2. Attendance
      3. Introduction of those present
      4. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting.
      5. Approval of the agenda for this meeting.
      6. Discussion of the Lighting Object straw proposal (posted to e-list)
      a. Changes to proposoal.
      b. Missing properties (theatre: color [RGB, wheel, hue, saturation,
      select, mode, function, CMY mix], shutter, pan, tilt, iris, gobo, focus,
      stopper, strobe, prism, frost, rotate, sweep, xy mirror, xy axis, effect,
      lamp, dimmer, motion type, zoom, speed [track, damped, blackout while
      moving], command, nod, wiggle)
      c. Determine optional vs. required properties.
      d. BACnet sequence for sending atomic information (level, priority, fade,
      timeout, warn time)
      e. State machine for timeout and blink
      f. Assigning data types or existing properties to the properties
      7. Discussion of Group / Scene mechanism
      a. Perhaps modify the existing group object for write
      b. Perhaps modify the existing command object to allow flexible values
      c. Perhaps use the command object as is - define usage
      8. Schedule for future meetings.
      9. Adjournment

      You are welcome to suggest any changes to the agenda, and we can approve
      those as item 5 on the agenda at the meeting.


      Steve Karg
      Senior Engineer
      Lithonia Lighting, ESG
      Decatur, Georgia, USA