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35Meeting Minutes - 26 Jan 2003

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  • Karg, Steve
    Feb 28, 2003
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      Meeting Minutes - 26 Jan 2003

      Participants - Affiliation
      David Ritter - Delta Controls
      Steve Karg - Lithonia Lighting
      Steve Treado - NIST
      Damian Ljungquist - JDL Business Services
      Jon Williamson - Andover Controls Group
      Tony Icenhour - Field Server Technologies
      Dave Branson - CSG

      The following ideas were discussed by the Lighting Applications working group:

      We initially discussed whether or not to add some properties to existing objects, create these as profiles, or create a new object for handling the warning blink for lighting.  It was decided that we would propose the warning blink as additional optional properties for the output objects, and to propose the multiplexing object as a new object.

      The following proposals were reviewed by the Lighting Applications working group:

      Proposal STK-011-1 - Warning Blink for Lighting
      During our initial discussion, we planned to add a fadetime property to this proposal.  However, after some discussion, we decided to put this proposal forth as the binary side of our solution, and to leave out the analog (fade) side of the solution for a later proposal.  We decided to use STK-011-1, which combines ideas from DHR-002-1 and STK-009-3.  David Ritter and Steve Karg will collaborate and finish word-smithing the document before it is submitted to the SSPC.

      Proposal STK-004-4 - Multiplexing a Commandable Property
      Steve Karg proposed that we submit this document to the SSPC.

      Proposal STK-010-1 - BACnet Lighting Scenes and Presets
      Steve Karg discussed this item after finding that the interoperability that vendors need can be had using a binary object.  Vendors want to be able to activate a preset, and to find out if the preset is active.  Steve will write about this in the document, and find out from the SSPC or Steve Bushby how we are to handle "white paper" type of information.

      The following ideas were discussed by the Lighting Applications working group:

      Commanding a Lighting Output to Raise, Lower, Step or Goto Level.  We discussed the necessity of controlling an output object that allows ramping up and down of the level without writing a specific level.  Our reference object kept coming back to DALI.  Steve Karg proposed that we write up a DALI object as an exercise to compare to BACnet's existing analog output object.  Steve Treado offered to assist in this exercise.

      Steve Karg proposed some future discussion of controlling a breaker.  Damian Ljungquist suggested that although the object had 3 states (on, off, tripped), it can easily be modeled as a binary output with 2 states (active, inactive) and when the breaker is tripped, the status_flags property can indicate FAULT and the present_value can indicate inactive.

      We discussed future meetings and agreed to meet whenever the SSPC planned to meet.

      Respectfully Submitted,

      Steve Karg
      Lithonia Lighting