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281Lighting output: Step and Step Restricted commands

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  • David Ritter
    May 10, 2011

      Hi all,


      Last week in San Francisco we decided to reduce the set of step commands to two commands (Step and Step Restricted) from the previous four (Step Up, Step Down, Step On, Step Off). The idea was to simplify the number of lighting commands.


      As I am going through the document it occurs to me that this may be a mistake. With the previous commands you could step up or down using the value of the default step increment property and the appropriate command. With the new command you can only step in one direction using the default step increment property (depending on whether it is negative or positive). To go the other direction you must either supply a step increment value with the command or rewrite the default step increment to an appropriate value. You’ll notice the lack of symmetry with this solution.


      For this reason I propose that we change back to use the original commands: Step Up, Step Down, Step On, Step Off.








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