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229Re: [BACnetLighting] LA-WG Interim Meeting Clarification

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  • Steve Karg
    Aug 26, 2010
      Hello Bernhard,

      > Since I need to make travel arrangements for Atlanta, I would like to
      > ask for clarification on an LA-WG interim meeting.
      > Since the IT-WG will not have an interim meeting, I suppose that there
      > will not be an LA-WG interim meeting, and also no additional extra LA-WG
      > days in Atlanta.

      I have not made any arrangement for additional meetings outside of the
      November BACnet SSPC-135 meeting in Atlanta, so it is safe to assume
      that we will not have an interim meeting before Atlanta.

      I have also not made any arrangements for conference calls to reach
      consensus on 2008 Addendum-i Lighting Output object proposal and
      public review comments. I'm either quite the slacker, or a quite busy
      making BACnet products (assume the latter, please). Please accept my
      apologies in advance. I hope to make good progress in November when
      we meet.

      > Correct?

      You are correct.

      Best Regards,

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