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219Meeting in Albuquerque

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  • Steve Karg
    Jun 15, 2010
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      Hello Lighting Applications Working Group!

      As proposed at our last meeting, the next scheduled meeting of the
      Lighting Applications working group will be at the Summer SSPC
      meeting, which is being held in Albuquerque from June 24, 2010,
      through June 28, 2010. The Lighting Applications working group will be
      meeting on Thursday, June 24, 2010, from 8am to 5pm in Enchantment C
      room of the Hyatt Regency. Keep in mind that there are rooms named
      "Enchantment" in both the Convention Center and Hyatt Regency.

      As usual, the plenary meetings for SSPC 135 will be on Saturday and
      Monday, with working group meetings on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

      The Lighting Applications working group Agenda will include the following items:
      1. SSPC-135-2008 Addendum i PPR4 comment responses.
      2. SSPC-135-2008 Addendum i PPR5 draft

      Please post any additional Lighting Application working group agenda
      items to this mailing list.

      Best Regards,

      Steve Karg
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