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180Re: [BACnetLighting] Re:Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia

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  • Steve Karg
    Sep 24, 2009
      Hello Jörg,

      > Are there any relevant documents (meeting notes, addenda drafts) I might want to have a look at?

      I posted the agenda, meeting minutes, Addendum 2008-i PPR3 and
      responses, to the BACnet FTP server under the "/2009-11
      Atlanta/Working Groups/LA-WG/" folder. Access to the server is at:
      login: SSPC
      pass: 135

      We have not completed a Addendum 2008-i PPR4 draft yet. If it is
      completed before the meeting then it will be posted.

      > Further, are you aware that (at least in Europe) the DALI standard is currently enhanced/updated?

      Yes. Robert Hick (Leviton) and Rick Leinen (Leviton) have been giving
      our working group updates on the progress of the IEC/NEMA DALI
      standard, and they drafted the Annex H clause H.X "Using BACnet with

      Best Regards,

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