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179Re:Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia

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  • Joerg Broeker
    Sep 24, 2009
      Hi Steve & all the rest of the BACnet Lighting Working Group!

      Unfortunately I will not have the possibility to attend. Nevertheless I would like to follow the proceedings of this group. Are there any relevant documents (meeting notes, addenda drafts) I might want to have a look at?

      Further, are you aware that (at least in Europe) the DALI standard is currently enhanced/updated? Firstly it is move to a standard of its own (IEC 62386). Then it defines different types of control gear besides fluorescent ballasts (e.g. low voltage halogen, led, emergency lights, etc.). Finally it will define other device classes (control devices, sensors, ...). Might be something to take into account for Addendum H clause H.X "Using BACnet with DALI".

      Best regards,


      Joerg Broeker
      LOYTEC electronics GmbH
      Blumengasse 35
      A-1170 Vienna
      Phone: +43-1-4020805-0
      FAX: +43-1-4020805-99

      Networks under control!
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