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104Re: Feedback DMF-011

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  • jbroeker2712
    Aug 10 5:45 AM
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      Hi Steve,

      please find my comments below ...

      --- In BACnetLighting@yahoogroups.com, Steve Karg <steve@...> wrote:
      > I was discussing the DMF-011-9 proposal today and noticed that what I
      > said earlier is not true. When the blink attributes are configured,
      > Present_Value performs an automatic relinquish accompanied by a blink.
      > So, the Auto_Off feature that you wrote about could be accomplished by
      > setting the Blink_Time to 0. "A Blink_Time of zero shall disable this
      > blink off effect."
      > Perhaps we could clarify this Auto_Off without a blink feature by
      > a sentence in the middle of 12.X.11.1 Blink Warning Behavior: "When
      > Blink_Time is zero and Present_Value becomes 0%, the lights shall
      > on and not blink for up to Blink_Delay seconds."

      I am not sure what you mean. As I understood the blink feature, it
      warns the occupants of a room that lights will go out soon, when the
      Present_Value was written to a value of zero.

      The auto-off feature on the other hand would lead to a relinquish of
      the Present_Value if the value was NOT zero. This is heavily used in
      Europe for staircase lighting applications, where lights shall go out
      some time after they were switched on by someone (e.g. by pressing a
      light switch when entering the hallway). Or did I get something wrong

      Best regards,

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